How CAD Designs Create Amazing Flight Cases

flight case with protective transit foam

It’s common knowledge that a flight case should be protective, sturdy and ideally, a little bit stylish to be able to withstand the many hours and miles of traveling you’ll be undertaking for business or pleasure purposes.

If you have to take flights for business and take with you samples of products that you’re selling to potential customers, its vital that you have a reliable flight case that will keep your items safe and secure during transit. It can also be important to business professionals to have a flight case that can double as a presentation case so you can effectively display your products whilst representing your business in a smart and professional manner.

Also, if you have expensive equipment such as mechanic tools that you need to transport between jobs, you’ll also need a flight case that can hold your tools in securely. Flight cases will have to go into luggage storage in a plane and you can’t always rely on the crew to handle your case in the best manner, so you need to rely on the case to keep your items safe.

We have a wide range of flight cases that utilise CAD Design technology to create custom flight cases that are durable, reliable and available for all kinds of business use.

What are CAD Designs?

You may be wondering what CAD Designs are and how they can make an amazing flight case. CAD stands for computer aided design. This form of manufacturing allows items to be modified and optimized to specific requirements and specifications.

This type of manufacturing is commonly used to design the interiors of cases, bags and covers for a variety of industries including:

  • Exhibition and Events
  • Test & Measurement
  • IT and Audio Visual
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Medical & Health Care Services
  • Utilities (Water, Gas & Electricity)
  • Retail POS Display Stands

We utilise CAD Designs to create custom foam inserts for flight cases. For example, if you have a specific tool, piece of equipment or product that needs storing in your flight case and you need to find a way to hold keep secure and protected, you have the option through PottertonPacs to have a foam case insert created.

We use this technology to create a custom built flight case to perfectly fit the item you’re wishing to store in the flight case. If you would like to make use of our experience, an in house design service is available to help you design a flight case that will suit your requirement, as well as work with you to create the perfect foam insert. You can learn more about this process in our CNC foam cutting – why you should have custom foam inserts professionally made or A guide to custom custom cut foam blogs

How Does CAD Affect Flight Cases’ Protection?

When we use CAD to create custom foam inserts, they will add extra protection to your flight cases. How? Well, you begin with selecting the correct density of foam to suit the contents of the flight case as well as considering the environment it will be used within.  Then you add in the foam being custom cut to perfectly fit your items using CAD technology to provide you with recesses so your items are securely kept in place within the foam in the flight case. This reduces any movement of the contents within the case during transit, reducing the chances of breakage and damage.

The foam can not only help to keep the item still, safe and secure in the flight case, but can also absorb any impact and bumps that it’ll more than likely experience along the way. If you’re particularly nervous about expensive products and protecting them during transit in flight cases, we can assure you we will work with you to find the best protective solution using CAD Design.

As an added bonus, these custom cut foam inserts can be a perfect sample presentation insert providing a sleek and impressive was to display your products.

Additional Features to our Flight Cases

Not only do we utilise CAD Design to help to add extra safety, but our flight cases themselves take advantage of solid materials and manufacturing. For example, our flight cases are:

Strong – the exterior of our flight cases as standard are made with strong aluminium profile sections with either 7mm or 9mm birch plywood with a black PVC or coloured laminate finish or for a light weight solution a heavy duty astroboard can be used. These materials not only look sleek, professional and smart, but can also help to keep the contents of the case safe during transit due to the durability of the material.

Flexible – our flight cases can be made to a vast range of shapes, sizes and styles, so no matter your use for it or the industry you’re in, we’re confident that we are able to find the perfect flight cases in our range.

Customisable – as mentioned, we provide the custom cut foam inserts for flight cases. However, you can further customise your flight case with wheels or castors, ideal for manoeuvring around airports.

You can also choose to have your flight cases customised in different finishes. Whether you just have a colour preference or you want to represent you business with appropriate branding colours, you can ask for your flight case to be finished with your chosen colours and there are even branding options available so you can add your company name or logo either by having the case silkscreen printed, adding digitally printed panels or by CNC engraving your logo into the face of the case panels. These are great ways to gain brand exposure and to have your business remembered by potential customers.

Get Your Flight Cases Today

If you have a business trip coming up and you’re in need of a smart, reliable, stylish and protective flight case that takes advantage of the latest protective packaging technology, you’ve come to the right place. Here at PottertonPacs, we have years of experience in the packaging and transportation industry and we work with all kinds of businesses to find the best solutions for their needs.

If you have any questions about our range of custom flight cases, as well as how you can customise a case to fit your specific business needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly and expert team. We’ll do all we can to answer any questions you have and ensure you are presented with the best possible product and outcome.