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Custom Foam Inserts and Packaging

We offer bespoke die-cut foam inserts with cut-outs, CNC routed or water jet cut foam insert sheets or pads. The options for custom-cut Plastazote, Ethafoam and Stratocell foam and foam conversion are endless! 

Whether you are looking for sample presentation cases for product demos or bespoke equipment cases for transporting valuable and fragile goods, we use a wide range of foam inserts to suit your requirements. We offer a variety of customisable foams such as Plastazote, Stratocell and Ethafoam - ideal for any application.

Plastazote is used to provide cushioning performance from high impacts, shocks and general mishandling. It also offers a maximum level of transportation protection for high-value goods, tools, equipment, or components which is what makes it perfect for foam packaging and foam inserts for cases. 

Ethafoam is a cost effective and resilient material that is great for reducing shocks, impacts and vibrations, especially during transit. Ethafoam can also be customised into a wide range of shapes and designs to suit various product shapes so costs can be kept to a minimum, especially with high volume requirements.

Stratocell shares similar properties with Ethafoam and is mainly used as a protective high-volume shipping.

Polyurethane is also another popular choice of foam used in protective cases. Despite its softness, the foam has enough density to protect even the heaviest of items. Polyurethane foam inserts are medium density and commonly used to protect items which are not extremely delicate or only require a moderate level of protection and organisation.

Need to ensure your equipment, samples, or products arrive at their destination free from damages and bumps?  Choose from a variety of foam inserts to add cushioning to products. They are lightweight, non-abrasive, waterproof and have a relatively low cost, which makes them an ideal packaging material for preventing? transport damage. Require an at-a-glance equipment inventory solution to prevent FOD? Or have a presentation and demonstration kit you need a packaging solution for? 

Look no further, PottertonPacs are foam conversion and engineering specialists, so whether you require a promotional sample presentation insert for a case, a low-cost packaging cradle or a total protective packaging solution for critical medical equipment, we can help. 

Get in touch today to take advantage of our free quotation and advice service. 

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With so many different options on the market, it can be quite confusing to choose between the various conversion methods, i.e. material types, grades, colours etc. Therefore, as a company with decades of industry experience, we’ll be happy to provide you with free advice on what options you should consider based on your specific application and project, and how we can best assist you in making an informed decision.

Our team of experienced, knowledgeable engineers can assist you with any technical aspects of any case design you require, so that you can focus on what you do best.

FAQs About Foam or Plastazote Inserts and Packaging

What information do you need to provide a quotation for a custom foam insert?

1. You will need to supply the overall size required, plus either a photograph, rough drawing, digital drawing of what you are trying to achieve and the dimensions of any item/items to be held within the foam.

Alternatively you can send any parts to be contained to us and simply leave the rest to us.

2. If you require a specific foam type, please let us know what this is or if you do not know the appropriate type of foam material to be used, let us know the environment it will be used in or its purpose and we will happily recommend a suitable material.

3. You will need to advise the quantity or price breaks you require a quotation for.

4. You will need to advise if you will require delivery – if the answer is yes, then please provide a full address including post code.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom foam inserts

We can supply custom foam inserts in any volume, large or small. The higher the volume the more economical the production price becomes, so bulk orders are advisable.

Do you need the physical items when making the custom inserts?

For 100% certainty of a correct fit, it is always preferable to have physical samples, however we can work to customer supplied drawings.

Can a sample be produced of the custom foam insert I require for assessment?

Yes, if a pre-production sample is required prior to us running the full production, or a small batch of samples for field testing prior to a bulk order being produced, this is an approach we work with frequently.

Can I specify the exact type of foam I require?

Yes, if you know the specific foam you require, just let us know what it is.

What if I do not know which type of foam suits my requirement best?

If you’re unsure of the most suitable foam to suit your requirements, one of our team will be happy to guide you through the suitable options available for your requirements.