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Peli Cases

Peli Protector Cases and Peli Storm Cases are heavy duty, waterproof, crushproof & dust proof, offering total protection in virtually any situation.  The moulding has been designed to make the case virtually impossible to break and this is why the case comes supplied with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee.

PottertonPacs are official authorised Peli Case distributors, choose from the vast range of standard Peli Protector Cases, Peli Air Cases, Peli Storm Cases and accessories which includes, pick and pluck foam sets, panel frames, padded divider sets, lid organisers and TSA combination lock to name just a few.  Amongst Peli Protective Case ranges you will find Peli Mobility Cases, Peli Laptop & Tablet Cases, Peli Camera Cases plus a broad variety of models in a wide variety of size and colour options.

If you are looking for a more bespoke solution we are able to offer fully customised foam interiors which can be either die cut, cnc routed or waterjet cut to create recesses to house and protect your products or equipment.

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FAQs for Peli Protector Cases

What is a Peli Protector Case?

Peli™ Protector Case™ is a well known range of cases that are injection moulded in copolymer polypropylene to provide protective storage and transport solutions for sensitive devices or equipment of all  different sizes. From small waterproof cases for delicate equipment, such as camera cases or compact boxes for drones to crush-proof big size cases with wheels to transport any engineering instrumentation intact and functional.

Are Peli Protector Cases waterproof?

The secret of the watertight seal on a Peli Protector Cases is the tongue-and-groove fit with a polymer o-ring. Not only does the make the case waterproof it also ensures the case is dustproof.

What are Peli Protector Cases used for?

Peli protects what matters to you. Proven for over 40 years in the most demanding environments.

Peli products are built to the highest and most demanding standards. All Peli Protector Cases offer Lifetime Guarantee.

Why choose a Peli Protector Case?

Peli cases virtually indestructible, IP67 watertight, dustproof, airtight, and chemical resistant.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S., UK and Germany, Peli Products are proven in the harshest environments: aerospace, oil/gas, industrial, scientific, fire/safety, law enforcement, military, photography, broadcast and outdoor adventurers.

Legendary protection for over 40 years. Rugged. Trusted. Uncompromising.

Peli products are built to the highest

What sizes are Peli Protector Cases available in?

There are a total of 40 assorted sizes of Peli Protector Cases, including small, medium and large, top loading, cube, long, tool and transport cases.

Can I add my logo or branding to a peli case?

Logo’s can be added to Peli Cases, you can choose from silk screen printing, domed label, stickers or nameplates (some of these options are subject to minimum order quantity).

What foam inserts options are available for peli cases?

There are numerous foam options for various different uses. So whether you know the type of foam insert you require or you need guidance and require our recommendation, we can work on both bases.

Can I buy a Peli Protector Case on wheels?

A total of 20 Peli Protector Cases are fitted with wheels as standard and a further 4 are capable of being fitted a Caster Wheel Kit.

Can peli cases be locked for extra security?

Peli Cases are manufactured with padlock hasps/lugs so a padlock can be added for addition security if required.  The 1495 laptop case also features an integrated combination lock and the 1490 laptop case features double safety key locking latches.