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Aluzone Flight Cases, entirely custom built to suit your needs.

AluZone flight cases offer total flexibility on size, colour and style. Available as empty cases, with foam lining, custom cut foam inserts or with totally bespoke interior solutions, AluZone flight cases are  the perfect hard case solution to display or protect your equipment, products or samples in transit. 

Designed and manufactured by PottertonPacs, AluZone cases can be produced in a range of colour options or even with brushed aluminium panels and are custom built to almost any size.  The Aluzone case range offers a choice of locks, hinges and handles to suit almost any specification and also have the capability of adding wheels and telescopic handle to provide an effortless transport and storage case solution.

Additional customising options  include the option to add your company branding using silk screen printing or full digitally printed panels as well as custom cut foam interiors.  Custom cut foam inserts not only to ensure organisation for your products, samples or equipment they also protect and assist in the prevention of transit damage.

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FAQs About Aluzone Flight Cases

What are Aluzone flight cases made from?

The frames of the Aluzone Flight Cases are satin anodised aluminium, the corners are injection moulded propylene and the panels can be either brushed aluminium, astroboard or full digitally printed panels.

Fully digitally printed panels allow the Aluzone case to be produced in any colour and even with a photographic quality image.

Our standard build unless otherwise requested is black astroboard.

Are there any standard size Aluzone flight cases?

No, we do not have any standard size Aluzone cases as all Aluzone Flight Cases are made to order and bespoke to suit your needs exactly.

What information do you require to supply a quotation for an Aluzone flight case?

To enable us to supply you with a quote for an Aluzone flight case, please let us know the size(s) of the item(s) that will be housed within the case, as we usually work from the product size and add additional allowances to these dimensions to allow for easy loading and unloading.

Can I add my logo or branding to an Aluzone flight case?

Yes, you can add a logo to just one item, but the cost to do this does not suit all customers budgets.

Digitally printed panels have no minimum order, but can be fairly costly for a 1-off, however this is completely achievable.
Silk screen printing has a minimum order of 25 pcs. Once again you can order less than 25 pcs, but the additional cost of applying silk screen printing to 25 pcs would be the same cost as to add silk screen printing to just 10 pcs.
For more information on branding options on Aluzone cases please get in touch to discuss your requirement further.

Can I have an Aluzone flight case on wheels?

Yes, you can. Smaller flight cases can be fitted with telescopic handle and towing/corner wheels, larger cases or cases that are to hold heavy items would be fitted with castors.

Castors are available with brakes to prevent unwanted movement occurring in transit. If you where unsure whether you would require corner wheels or castors we can recommend the design most suitable for your specific requirements.

Can Aluzone flight cases be locked for additonal security?

Yes, Aluzone flight cases come with key lockable single lever catch as standard.

What foam inserts options are available for Aluzone flight cases?

There are numerous types of foam for various different uses. So whether you know the type of foam you require or you need guidance and require our recommendation, we can work on both bases.