Quotation Stage

Yes, we have a showroom you can visit to discuss a project with a member of our team. We would recommend calling ahead  to book an appointment, so we can ensure somebody is available to see you.

We can organise for one of our sales team to visit you to discuss a project. Prior to the visit we would consider the travel distance from Leicester in relation to the size of the project.

If you require a case you maybe unsure what type you need, which is fine, just let us know what the case will be used for. If you require a custom cut foam then we would need to know the basic dimensions of all the samples required to go into the case. Wherever possible, supplying photographic examples always helps.

We don’t have a minimum quantity order but the more items ordered the more cost effective it becomes.

We usually produce quotes within 1 to 2 working days from receiving the inquiry but more detailed projects can sometimes take longer but we will keep you updated if it does.

We would recommending calling us to discuss the project over the phone with a member of our experienced sales team. If you have any designs or sketches of a project you can always email these over for the sales team to look at to see if its achievable.

If you can email or call us to explain what the product will be used for and a member of our experienced sales team will be able to steer you in the right direct and also come up with a list of best options for you.

Ideally the perfect way to accurately produce a foam quote we would like drawings or physical samples. But if this is not possible you can provide basic dimensions or simply take a photo of the samples laid out next to a tape measure just for an initial quote.

Production Stage

Prior to production a specification sheet will be produced and emailed to you for approval. This way we can ensure that everything is correct and if any changes are required they will be picked up before anything has been made.

On larger orders we would recommend having a prototype first just to ensure everything is correct. If you would prefer to have a prototype first please let a member of the sales team know and we can arrange this for you.

If it is possible to send a set of samples we would recommend doing this just so we can ensure that the foam has been cut perfectly to shape. If you have CAD or DXF drawings of the samples you can email over to us this would be fine also. If your samples are too expensive to leave with us you can bring the samples into our showroom and a member of our design team can take measurements while you wait.

Our lead times can change all the time throughout the year and we would always recommend checking with a member of the sales team first if you are working to a deadline.

Ideally after the specification has been approved from yourselves there shouldn’t need to be a reason for anything to be changed. But we understand that details can change from time to time so if any changes are required we would recommend calling us as soon as you can to talk with our sales team to see if the changes can be implicated.

Materials and Branding

The main type of branding we do is screen printing which can be done on cases and bags. On the bags we can also offer embroidered and digitally printed logos.

There isn’t a minimum order but with screen printing there is a lot of set up costs which would make smaller quantities quite expensive.

We can cut most logos into foam or if your logo is very detailed we can also provide printed foamex on the top of the foam to accommodate this.

We can provide many different types of foams with different densities and costings. To find out which would be the best type of foam for you we would recommend calling or emailing us details of what the foam in required for and a experienced member of our sales team will be able to discuss this with you.

We can provide many different types of foam colours.

The two main types of material we use for our bags is padded new weave and padded canvas. Canvas is stronger than new weave and we would recommend this type of material for bags which are required to carry a heavier load.  We can supply bags in other materials also but we would recommend discussing what the bag is required for with a member of our team.

We can supply the materials in different colours which helps the suit company colours.

Payment and Delivery

First orders are required to be paid prior to production but if you would like to set-up an account please just email accounts@potpacs.co.uk and a member of the team will look into this for you.

If you would like to set-up an account with us please just email accounts@potpacs.co.uk and a member of the team will look into this for you.

We can accept all card payments apart from American Express

Please inform us straight away and we will do all that we can to correct this for you.

We take orders and deliver all over the world

Delivery is based on location, size and weight and because most of the items we supply are custom we provide the delivery costs on all of our quotation.

Most of our deliveries are based on a 24 to 48 hr delivery unless the delivery is required overseas.

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