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Demo Kits

Display your products in an innovative way during sales pitches, and highlight your samples or products with a point of difference from your competition.

Demo kits, also known as sample cases, sales presentation or demo kit cases, are the perfect solution for storing and displaying your product samples professionally. A simple way to understand their functionality is – a way to demo your products and samples during a sales presentation meeting. 

They are vital in showing off the features, capabilities, and value of a product or service you are trying to sell. 

Benefits of Sales Demo Kits

Some of the many benefits of demo kits include:

  • Provide a strong visual impact
  • Allows for better organisation of sample products
  • Allows for excellent branding potential
  • Offer increased protection to sample products in transit
  • Provides a point of difference from your competitors
  • Provides an overall polished and professional appearance

Uses of Demo Kits

Just some of the many sample uses of demo kits include:

  • Medical, surgical & healthcare samples
  • Test and measurement equipment or product samples
  • Composite decking & cladding
  • Aggregate & resin bound driveway samples
  • Hardware samples (such as door & window handles, locks and other door furniture) 
  • UPVC extrusions, door & window samples
  • Roof lantern & conservatory samples
  • Electrical controls for heating, sound, lighting, monitoring or security
  • Bedroom or kitchen doors samples
  • Floor, wall & glass tile samples 
  • Roller shutter door samples
  • Blind & shutter samples

Bespoke Demo Cases

Whether you’re a travelling sales rep, a business professional or someone in the sales and marketing industry, a sales demo case can really show your audience that you care.

You can even customise your sales demo kit with branding, company colours and even the option to have your logo moulded onto your presentation case. Provide maximum security and convenience with integrated handles, catches and hinges.

For maximum protection in all environments when transporting your sample products, add custom cut foam to separate and cushion each item.

Do you want to protect and promote your sample products with a demo kit?

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