Protective Solutions For Transit & Storage

The ultimate guide to protecting your products and equipment

Your work equipment serves as an extension of you, and that’s why you need the best protection. Keep your work equipment in a case that features the latest technology and materials and maximise the life cycle of your valuable work items.

From sample cases right through to flight cases, with the waterproof options such as the Peli Cases and NANUK Cases, we’ve gathered in this short yet comprehensive guide, materials and types of bags to guide you through the best protection solutions for transit and storage.

Choosing the best solution for your product

While the need for a protective case is obvious for some items, such as electronics and medical equipment, appropriate protection is necessary for so many others. Regardless of the sector that you operate in, there’s the right protective solution for transit and storage to choose from.

It should be easy and simple to create your case. At PottertonPacs, we know how hard it is to know where to start when it comes to creating your case, so we are here to help you select the right type of materials and construction for your requirements. We guide you through this process in 4 easy steps:

  1. Creating a brief 
  2. Getting a quotation
  3. Designing the bag & approving the design
  4. Producing your design

Identifying the right protective materials

Differing levels of protection ensure that you can 100% trust our custom padded bags or cases to protect your high-value equipment in even the most extreme environments. The products in our ranges have been carefully selected to include cases and bags constructed with only high-quality components – from durable high-grade foam to reliable handle, hinge and lock fittings. 

Protective Packaging Solutions can range from custom cut foam inserts, pads & sheets to polystyrene.  When choosing the foam padding inserts for cases, you need to make sure they will meet necessary criteria, including:

  • Being durable and reliable 
  • Have pricing that is competitive
  • Complying with the protective needs of your industry

So let’s take a careful look at high-utility materials, bags and cases to help you find the right solution for you.


Polystyrene is a popular material for packaging, thermal insulation, construction and display purposes because it’s light and strong in compression. It can protect fragile objects while being a very good insulator. 

It has exceptional properties, including resistance to crushing, bending, compaction, and tension, ensuring safe transportation of your items. At PottertonPacs, we use CAD/CAM technology in conjunction with hot wire CNC cutting machinery to produce large and small volume orders of custom polystyrene products.

Foam and plastazone inserts

Foam and plastazote inserts are thermoplastic materials that elevate protection. Buoyant and non-toxic, they have exceptional chemical resistance and UV protection. The list of benefits associated with foam and plastazote is actually incredibly vast and varied, including:

  • being lightweight & durable
  • shock-absorbing properties
  • having a wide range of densities and colours
  • being water repellent and buoyant

To protect the contents from impact, all of our protective custom cases can be supplied with foam interiors if required. At PottertonPacs we are not only custom case and bag manufacturers but also foam converters offering a variety of foam conversions services. We create high quality foam inserts for cases that elevate protective cases by creating custom cut recesses for each item to ensure your equipment is always safe and protected as well as well presented.


ABS is another type of thermoplastic, and without getting technical, it is a composite material made of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene. Easy to form, heat resistant, and fairly sturdy, ABS is widely used in manufacturing.

At PottertonPacs, we provide ABS cases with tough moulded thermoplastic shells and aluminium triple frames. They are popular for use as presentation cases or as engineers ABS tool case if converted with reinforced metal corners on some models for enhanced protection.

Finding the perfect case for your industry

When it comes to protective bags and cases, you need to choose carefully. No matter the industry you operate in, you can find the ideal case and customise it to fit your sector’s safety requirements. 

Nanuk cases

Nanuk cases lend a hand to the most demanding professionals globally. They are perfect for organising, protecting and carrying your most important gear since they are waterproof, hard impenetrable and indestructible. 

They have a long-lasting, watertight seal, so nothing gets in, and they have a sleek and modern design. If your application requires a customised solution for holding the contents of your protective hard sided case, our custom foam interior option is the way to go.

Peli cases

A Peli Case is a plastic injection-moulded case that provides an extremely high level of protection. A Peli is durable and robust, characterised by high-impact resistance, dust protection, chemical resistance and IP67 water resistance.

The Peli case range has been the gold standard, while the accessories such as pick and pluck foam sets, panel frames, padded divider sets, and lid organisers give you the ultimate protection.

AluZone flight cases

AluZone flight cases offer total flexibility on size, colour and style. AluZone cases are available as empty cases, with foam lining, custom cut foam inserts or with totally bespoke interior solutions to display or protect your products, equipment or samples.  

Customising options include the option to add your company branding using silk screen printing or digitally printed panels.


Aluminium cases are constructed with anodised pressed aluminium and fitted reinforced ABS corners. They give a stylish appearance, and they are the perfect solution for sample presentations.

All cases are lined with Teflon coated fabric, but you can add foam lining to most models to protect equipment. If you require a more bespoke foam solution, a routed plastazone interior with custom cutouts to present your products, and even product boards and mounting panels are also options we are able to offer.

Shell semi-rigid cases

Shell semi-rigid cases offer a lightweight, compact solution to carrying equipment, products and samples. 

They are easily customised, ensuring your samples or equipment are protected & well presented.

Invest in perfect protection with PottertonPacs

We pride ourselves on being experts in designing and manufacturing cases from supreme materials. We can turn your enquiry into a quotation with drawings of the expected completed product using CAD software. Everything can be created to order, making it suitable for carrying high-value equipment safely where the traditional flight case technique is impracticable and costly.

With our extensive experience, we provide designs to perfectly fit your items. We manufacture cases to the highest standards and have no restraints when it comes to crafting the case that protects your equipment.

To discuss how we can help you with your protective solutions for transit and storage, get in touch, call us on 0116 276 7562 or email and a member of our team will be happy to suggest which options would suit your needs.