The Unique Benefits Of Plastic Equipment Cases

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Plastic equipment cases are fantastic for protecting your equipment and keeping numerous pieces of equipment organised and intact.

Some of these unique benefits mean that, with an equipment case, you can maximise company branding, ensure tool control, keep all equipment organised and, most importantly, keep your equipment protected from various types of conditions.

Of course, there are a whole range of benefits of having a plastic equipment case to protect equipment from your industry. In this guide, we have summarised just some of the many benefits of plastic equipment cases.


Unlike other types of protective measures, an equipment case can be adapted to the ideal level of suitability, depending on the level of protection required. This is mostly dictated by what the case is intended to house and the type of environment it will be used within.

As an example, demo cases are often used for presentation purposes and to transport items in a sales representatives’ vehicle to visit potential clients. Whereas an engineer may have highly calibrated measuring devices or tools which are required to be taken to sites, such as manufacturing environments or for transport or logistics service, repair or maintenance.


The case you store your equipment in must be able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage. Having these hard-wearing properties means that your equipment is far more likely to survive day to day activities and stay intact, which is why it’s crucial to have a protective case for your equipment. It can save you a whole lot of time, money and hassle later on!

Protective equipment cases such as Nanuk Cases, Peli Cases or Flight Cases are manufactured from extremely durable high specification materials, designed to withstand the roughest treatment.


Whatever your industry, you’re going to need to take sufficient steps to protect your equipment from water damage – whether that be rain, flooding, complete water submersion or even moisture.

Even a small amount of water can make the difference, and in some unfortunate cases, can result in malfunctioning equipment or complete failure due to water damage.

For this reason, you may want to consider a plastic equipment case with a watertight feature to keep the contents dry, safe and in pristine condition. Some of the best watertight equipment cases include the Peli Protector, Peli Storm and NANUK cases, which all offer a waterproof solution.


A unique benefit that will give you complete peace of mind and insurance is the shockproof feature, with resistance to all types of impact, such as a collision, drop, bang or knock.

Equipment must be cushioned by a soft material that surrounds the equipment and protects it from any day-to-day impact while on the go. This is increasingly important if you operate in a fast-paced environment where your case is susceptible to impact. 

The ability to have shockproof protection in virtually any situation gives you the reassurance that your goods are protected and will remain intact, regardless of the journey.

Peli Protector, Peli Storm, NANUK cases and our Flight Cases all provide heavy-duty shock-resistant protective solution, which is why they are fantastic options if you’re looking for a shockproof case.


Another unique benefit is the ability to customise your equipment case to your preference and specification. A common way our customers customise their equipment cases is by having custom cut foam that can be fitted inside your case and cut bespoke to the equipment stored inside. This means that your products, equipment or tools can have their own custom foam recess to keep them well organised and protected in storage and on the go. 

The addition of custom cut foam in your equipment case can even ensure that every piece of equipment is accounted for and stored correctly, with it becoming easier to notice missing equipment if the foam has designated cutouts for products.

If you’d like to add your own branding to your plastic equipment case, then this is also achievable. You may wish to look at the colour options available, whether that be black, anthracite, red, white, yellow, green, orange, grey, royal or navy. Want to promote brand awareness? Why not add your logo to your equipment case, ideal for promoting your company or brand when you’re on the go or attending meetings.

Modernise Your Plastic Equipment Cases With PottertonPacs

We are willing to talk you through the processes and make recommendations to help you find the perfect foam customising options if you’re looking to customise your plastic equipment case internally.

Through our years of experience, we have gained a wealth of knowledge in the supply of cases, bags, foam and polystyrene packaging solutions for manufacturers, suppliers and users of equipment from electronic or measuring devices to medical or optical and sales demonstration or marketing teams.  

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to create your ideal equipment case with custom foam padding inserts, which we can rout with CNC routing, press die cut or cut with waterjet technology. Call us today on 0116 276 7562 or by email at, and a member of our team will help you with the various options that are available to you.