10 Products You Need a Waterproof Hard Case For

black peli storm im2100 waterproof protective case with folding handles and secure catches

Waterproof hard cases are absolutely essential for those requiring the safest transportable environment possible with any delicate, fragile, pricey or important equipment. Thanks to the wide array of sizes and product types available on today’s market, there is now a waterproof hard case for every occasion. Keep reading to discover 10 products which you can now fully protect against the dangers of industrial, military or commercial transportation and beyond.

1. Laptops

For the majority of businesses and corporate clients within the contemporary age, the information, data and tools stored on your laptop are the heartbeat of your enterprise. It is absolutely vital, that you treat this delicate piece of equipment with due care – as a simple slip of the hand or drop bit of water could be the difference between losing hours, days or even weeks of hard work. Whether your laptop is being thrown around a commercial building site, testing the latest military hardrive or enabling you to provide a prospective client with a quotation for your products or services you need to properly protect your tech.

At Potterton Pacs we offer a range of protective solutions to prevent impact, shock and water damage. There are also a wide range of sizes available to suit each and every make and model out there.

The Peli Storm iM2375 Laptop Case, for example, is perfectly designed with moulded liner to protect a variety of laptops of multiple different brands and models. The purge valve protects against water and dust getting inside and damaging the tech, whilst simultaneously balancing air pressure within the case. With this case, your contents are guaranteed to remain waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, chemical resistant & corrosion proof – with a temperature range of -23 to +49°C. The case will also remain shut under pressure or after impact – offering total protection for your industrial needs.

2. Filming & Audio Equipment

Cameras and recording equipment are infamous for getting damaged due to the amount of transportation – moving from location to location on a daily basis – that they are exposed to. With the help of protective cases, however, you can ensure that no footage is lost and no pricey mistakes have to be paid for – whilst simultaneously offering ease of transportation with in-line wheels and telescopic, adjustable handles.  Read our blog here on Do’s and Don’ts of Transit Damage Prevention

3. Confidential Documents

Paper documents and folders can be fully protected from a wide range of corrosive, liquid based dangers through investing in a protective solutions for transit and storage. These can also offer protection from more nefarious dangers as well, shielding from any unwanted eyes viewing your documents by affording the added extra of a combination padlock.

4. Tablets and Portable Devices

More and more industrial, commercial and educational companies are now beginning to utilise tablets in there day to day working enterprise due to the lightweight, easily-accessible, fast processing systems they offer. Despite this, they can often be neglected and forgot about by workers due to their similar functionality to a phone and lightweight nature. Just like laptops however, it is imperative that you keep these tools safe and protected from impact and water dangers by investing in one of the variety of products on offer.

Whilst being fully protected against all types of dangers, the Peli Protector case range also bring a multi-purpose element through being able to protect most Netbooks & 10.1 inch tablets – including iPad generation 2,3 & 4 – as well as the iPad Air. Peli Protector Cases can be customised to suit the needs of your specific equipment, with the standard pick and pluck foam insert being easily adaptable to different products.

5. Tools and Industrial Equipment

For many tradesmen within the labour industry, the tools are the livelihood of your revenue, and therefore need to be protected at all cost to ensure you have all the essential equipment to bring in the money on a day to day basis. There are many protective cases available therefore, featuring strong hinges and latches, to ensure that your tools stay secure on the move. Investing in a case with wheels will also help with mobility issues for transporting heavy equipment.

6. Music Equipment

Budding stars and fully fledged musical artists can benefit wholeheartedly from no longer having to worry about their precious artistic tools getting damaged while on the road or moving between different locations. There are hard cases available on the market today which are waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, chemical resistant & corrosion proof – meaning your instruments will stay safe no matter how wild it gets backstage.

7. Medical Equipment

The watertight, shock resistant nature of the hard cases available on today’s market mean that medical equipment is also suitable to be transported and protected for client’s working within the health and care industry. Adding a bespoke foam insert to any of these protective and waterproof cases will ensure your products, medical equipment, instruments, machinery or tools are kept in pristine condition whilst one the move.  Let us know what you need to protect or transport and leave the rest to us, we can either work from your physical items or you can supply technical drawings for us produce custom foam inserts to protect even the most delicate or critical medical equipment in transit.

8. Military Equipment

Expertly designed to withstand water, shock, corrosive and extreme highs and lows of temperature – Peli Protector Cases are the perfect solution for providing protection for military equipment. These products can be relied on as they have been meticulously developed to comply with military specs & IP67 – with an impressive of temperature tolerance -23 /+99 degrees. These cases are also inter-stackable to afford space efficient, quick and easy storage.

9. Sample Presentation Products

For any products you are aiming to present for marketing or sales services, you can get a fully personalised service to show off your company image. CNC routed, water jet or die cut foam pad inserts are available to maximise any presentation of products whilst offering protection to the case contents also.  You can even have your case branded with the company name or logo to complete the overall appearance of your promotional presentation sample case.

10. Everything – The possibilities Are Endless

This might sound like a hyperbole (and please execute this within reason…) but Peli Cases come supplied with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee for any protective solution.  The case’s moulding has been designed to make the protective armour impossible to break; they are heavy duty, waterproof, crushproof & dust proof, offering total protection for any situation or product.

PottertonPacs pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers of expertly made protective transport and presentation cases, padded soft bags and protective covers. We also specialise in the CNC routing, water jet and die cutting of bespoke foam pad inserts, shadow tool control and polystyrene for protective packaging or POS display.

Have a browse at our products, get in contact at 0116 276 7562 or drop us an email today with any queries or concerns you may have – one of our friendly team would love to hear from you.