Plastic Protective Cases Against Viruses

plastic cases printed and supplied to the NHS

Learn How Plastic Protective Cases Keep You, Your Equipment & Your Clients Safe From The Spread Of Viruses

2021 was another year filled with challenges, especially for those whose job requires treating or visiting clients and patients. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a powerful lesson that has reemphasised the importance of protecting our health. 

In today’s global society, disease outbreaks can spread rapidly and easily across borders, therefore it is important to focus our attention on how to prevent the spread of viruses that can survive for hours on surfaces, bringing catastrophic results to our health.

When you visit a client, a patient or when you need to deliver lifesaving medicine or tests, you have to minimise the risk of transmission. Effectively cleaning and disinfecting can eliminate viruses from surfaces. In addition, placing your cleansed equipment in a case is the way to make sure that your critical items stay well organised. Also, you are certain, kits remain complete with no missing parts when being stored for future fast response use in a medical environment or for transportation to patients or healthcare service providers. 

Read this short guide to explore how plastic protective cases keep you safe and serve you as you work.

Ensure maximum safety for your products and equipment while in transit

Plastic has emerged as a lifesaver in terms of protective equipment, other single-use medical equipment, as well as packaging solutions. Thanks to its inherent properties, its strength to weight ratio and durability, it protects the health and safety of all frontline workers. As plastic cases are lightweight, flexible and resilient, they are ideal for repeat use packaging. 

Cases made of plastic are easy to be cleaned and disinfected, and with the custom made foam inserts for your specific items, they help you carry valuable equipment and products, avoiding the transmission of bacteria and viruses. With a protective case, you secure your items while providing for them a free-from-bacteria environment if you clean them regularly. This is why medical professionals and healthcare groups largely use them.

Assure product reliability with high-utility plastic protective cases

Plastic cases are being manufactured to provide on-the-spot accessibility to medical equipment with ranges such as Peli Protector, Peli Storm and NANUK  Cases able to offer 100% protection for life-saving medical equipment which needs total protection during transportation. Our SPI and Excellent Plastic Case Ranges are economical and optimal for medical applications, providing tough, water-resistant protection for medical supplies. Their various applications include:

  • transporting medical devices such as Vascular Doppler and COPD Assessment Test kits
  • patient home drug treatment, enteral feeding & clinical trial kits
  • surgical instruments, blades, stents, catheters, cannulas, needles & syringes
  • orthopaedic implants
  • care & fast response kits
  • infection control equipment 
  • teaching aids
  • ultrasonic equipment

For maximum protection against viruses, you can clean your equipment before placing it back in the case and feel safe as it closes hermetically. Besides, cleaning the cases is simple: just wipe them down and let them air dry. As they are made of waterproof plastic, they won’t rust… and neither will the contents! The inside, as well as your equipment, can be easily cleaned with a light disinfectant to keep everything fresh and clean.

A clean case ensures that you eliminate bacteria or viruses. Whether you need a case to present sample medical products, store devices or deliver medical supplies, there is always a solution; let’s take a look at specific applications and how you can find a plastic case for your specific needs.

Tailored medical equipment cases and bags for every need

Medical equipment cases and bags have been designed to carry, store and showcase fragile and vital supplies and devices. Padded with foam inserts and lightweight, they provide longevity even in the most trying situations. 

At PottertonPacs, we create custom bags and cases for medical equipment used worldwide. Our products can prevent water, dirt, and grime from entering, and stand up to worldwide travel demands that fit each individual user’s needs. Carry your critical items anywhere, safely and effectively.

Palliative chemo care kits

Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for patients who are suffering from a severe disease such as cancer and offer peace of mind in avoiding hospital-led infection. A palliative care kit is made to help patients undergoing treatment feel more comfortable, give them strength and a sense of reassurance. 

Due to the severity of the conditions, it is vital to ensure that all items contained within these kits are disinfected and free from viruses and bacteria. With this in mind, PottertonPacs have been supplying NHS Authorities & Trusts with protective Plastic Cases to allow homecare chemotherapy or palliative care kits to be collated and delivered to patients by an NHS or private healthcare professional. 

Stay safe on the move with PottertonPacs

In an era of uncertainty, you can feel safe knowing that your case can endure frequent sanitation. At PottertonPacs we know well the importance of safety. We are proud we are trusted by leading pharmaceutical companies, medical groups and organisations, including the NHS. 

For decades, our protective case solutions have ensured life-saving devices and fragile items arrive undamaged and ready to perform when needed. With our extensive experience, we provide designs to perfectly fit your items. We manufacture cases to the highest standards and have no restraints when it comes to crafting the case that protects your equipment. 

Browse our products, or contact us today on 0116 276 7562 or by email at, and a member of our team will help you with the various options that are available to you.