The Importance Of Calibration In The Test And Measurement Sector

Tool case

Robust calibration is critical for assuring the quality and dependability of the measuring test equipment you employ, which is crucial for ensuring that your goods and processes comply with international and regional laws and that you provide the highest quality of results.

At PottertonPacs, we know that your equipment is your livelihood, thanks to years of experience and many collaborations with leading manufacturers and specialist calibration service providers. 

Why Calibration Is Critical For The Test & Measurement Sector

If you are serious about your equipment, you buy top tools, and you expect them to be accurate. Calibration for measuring test equipment ensures that your instruments such as data loggers, multimeters, oscilloscopes, gauges always perform to the expected specifications and standards.

Accuracy is a critical standard in manufacturing to ensure the quality and safety of your work. Inaccurately manufactured products caused by uncalibrated machinery can result in the following:

  • High rejection rates: Improperly calibrated tools cause inefficiencies in production. If your quality control methods do not reject incorrect items, your consumers will undoubtedly do so.
  • Overruns in cost and time: A large number of rejected components will necessitate either additional manufacturing to replace them or additional finishing operations to bring them up to standard. These regulations will increase manufacturing time and jeopardise deadlines. They will also incur process charges that will be passed on to the client.
  • Brand reputation damage: Dissatisfied clients may publish negative internet evaluations about your services, jeopardising your brand name.

The Importance Of Safety For Your Equipment

If you have taken the right steps to calibrate your equipment or if you are the one calibrating tools you need to ensure that your critical equipment is safe. Your high-value equipment needs the utmost protection when you transport or store it, and you need the highest organisation. 

Custom-made protective cases, bags and foam packing tailored to your needs and the protection requirements of your equipment is the answer. Your personalised kit will enjoy the protection it deserves. 

To protect your equipment and products, you may easily order custom-made cases, bags, and foam packing that are tailored to your specific items and equipment. You may customize the shape, durability, and branding to create something as protective and unique as you require. Analysing your individual situation is key to choosing the equipment storage solution that works best for you. Below you will find a list of bespoke solutions for different sectors.

Protective cases for calibration service providers

Necessary for every company operating in the T&M sector, calibration equipment ensures the complete accuracy of test equipment, enabling accurate and reliable results. Callipers, gauges, counters, weighing instruments and measures need to be safe in order to remain accurate and in turn measure tension, pressure, flow, vibration and many more. A branded, lightweight Peli case with wheels for easier transportation is perfect.

Special PAT Testing Cases

PAT Testing is a legal obligation to guarantee that the electrical equipment in residential or business premises are safe to use. While most electrical safety flaws may be detected visually, PAT testing extensively inspects electrical appliances and can find numerous electrical issues that a visual check cannot. Because this equipment can be costly and normally comes with a number of accessories, a plastic case that can properly store and maintain PAT testing equipment together is the ideal solution.

Environmental Testing Equipment Cases

Light, sound, humidity, moisture, radiation, and temperature are all tested in the context of environmental testing. These devices are necessary for guaranteeing safety and determining environmental conditions. Hazardous surface equipment is also often utilised, allowing for the detection of wet flooring that may pose a danger. This equipment must be stored and transported to each site in a secure and protective case.

How Can PottertonPacs Ensure The Safety Of Your Equipment

If you are a professional who manufactures the critical test and measurement equipment or a specialist calibration service provider, you need the best storage, transit and protective presentation solution for your equipment. No matter your sector at PottertonPacs, we have the solution.

As leading suppliers of bespoke protective cases and bags, we manufacture special kits for your company. Have a browse at our products, get in contact on 0116 276 7562 or by email at with any queries or concerns you may have. Get started on protecting your valuables today.