Top Features That You Need for Your Bespoke Plastic Case

plastic carry case with branding for hardware storage and transit

Plastic cases are ideal for creating safe transit and storage solutions as well as presentation packaging or demo kits for your products or equipment, providing maximum brand exposure as well as a way to keep your products protected and secure.

Best of all, these plastic cases can be customised to offer a unique bespoke solution to meet each individual requirement, ensuring optimal practicality and suitability for their intended use. Our bespoke plastic cases boast a whole host of features that can be used by individuals in a wide range of industries.

In this guide, we explain some of the top features that can be added to your bespoke plastic case to ensure full protection and convenience when storing and transporting the contents.

Custom Cut Foam

Custom cut foam inserts are often the go-to solution for protecting your items in storage or transit – and for good reason! Foam inserts protect your equipment or sample products from both shock and vibration, meaning that there is a significantly smaller chance that your goods arrive at their destination damaged. 

Protecting your equipment is our priority, and it’s important to everyone, no matter your field. As an exceptionally cost-effective solution, custom cut foam can be tailored to fit the exact size and shape of the contents.

Best of all, having custom cut foam in your bespoke case can reinforce tool control, to ensure productivity, efficiency, safety and cost savings. To ensure that every single one of your tools is accounted for and stored correctly, tool control foam inserts are one of your best options. Custom-fit designs mean all of your tools and equipment will fit into their casings like a glove, with no room to move around, minimising potential damage. 


Organisation is key and can prevent mishaps, confusion and offers a more universal storage solution to prevent misplacing of critical items. This is why having dividers to separate your goods can not only keep them organised and structured but also makes it easier to locate items without having to scramble around. Of course, dividers can also make it quicker to identify what you’re looking for, which is even more important when time is of the essence or a professional appearance needs to be maintained.

So whether you’re storing paperwork, product samples, or virtually anything that you’d like to be stored in a bespoke case, you have the option of adding dividers to separate the contents. 


With any industry, the goods you transport around need to be protected at all times. This is why you will require a solution that provides the most manoeuvrability and allows for maximum ease when transporting. The addition of wheels makes it much easier to travel with your bespoke plastic case.

Some of our cases, including our custom flight cases, can be supplied with multi-directional wheels for manoeuvrability and 360° movability. This makes transportation extremely easy and is a fantastic way to store precious, fragile, bulky or heavy items whilst on the go.


The simple, yet effective addition of a handle makes it easier to hold your case thanks to its grip handle. 

As an example, the Peli Protector, Storm and Air cases are all supplied with trolley handles to move around with ease whilst travelling. A handle can be added to any of our bespoke cases and positioned in any location on your case.

If you do decide to add the feature of wheels to your bespoke case, then you can have the option of adding a telescopic handle to make it easier to drag your case between location sites.


If promoting your business is a big part of your branding strategy, then your brand can be echoed throughout your bespoke plastic case with the addition of your company branding.

Whether that’s a logo or your unique branding colours, we can factor this into your design and apply it to the final product.

How PottertonPacs can help you

With our broad range of bespoke interior solutions, we are confident we will be able to propose a bespoke solution to suit your needs. 

We pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers. We provide expertly made protective plastic cases for a wide range of industries, all made bespoke to your specifications.

If you’d like to talk to our experienced team regarding bespoke plastic cases or the features that could offer a solution to your requirement, we would be happy to answer any of your questions or recommend a possible solution for your consideration. 

Get in contact at 0116 276 7562 with any queries or concerns you may have. 

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