Peli Cases: How Strong Are they?

waterproof yellow peli storm case in water

Peli cases are renowned for their many features and their strength, but how strong are Peli cases? There are many good cases out there that are perfect for construction, trekking and protecting anything from medical to delicate equipment and Peli are certainly one of them.

Before you choose which case is right for your needs, take a look at exactly how strong and durable this case is and the other features that it can offer you. There are lots of appealing features that Peli cases can offer, so see which ones could work for you.

The Main Purpose of Peli Cases

Peli cases are made to withstand all sorts of extreme conditions such as manufacturing and construction sites, being transported overseas or over rugged terrain and offer total peace of mind that the contents are protected from high impact. For decades now Peli has been associated with the military, medical equipment, used by broadcasting, rescue, environmental and expedition work personnel in all sorts of important and high-risk environments. 

This means that these cases have to be of the highest quality and also reliable too. The main purpose of Peli cases is to function well and protect their contents, in all sorts of extreme conditions, in order for you to do your job. So whether you need a reliable protective transit case solution or to transport and protect your rescue or critical test and maintenance equipment, this case could be right for you.


One of the most important features of these kinds of cases is that they are water-resistant. If they are being used in wet conditions or even need to withstand being submerged in water for a period of time. Peli cases have an IP67 certification, meaning that they have all reached a high standard of water resistance.

They have a 7 out of 8 rating for protecting their contents against all kinds of liquids. This makes these cases very reliable in wet and watery conditions and pretty much fully waterproof. The protective clasps and sealants will stop water from leaking in and destroying the contents, so will certainly be fit for the job.

Strong and Crushproof

Not only are Peli cases good in wet conditions, if a high impact or large machinery could damage or crush the cases in your working environment, then these cases can offer protection against such detriment to your equipment. You may have seen videos of cases being crushproof tested by large machinery, which just shows how strong and durable these cases really are.

The strong plastic used to manufacture Peli cases is a strong polypropylene copolymer material which offers an incredible amount of protection and certainly some of the best resistant materials on the market. With temperature tolerances of -23.3°C to +98.9°. Whether you drop it from a height or it could come into contact with some heavy machinery, it’s contents will be protected with this incredibly strong polypropylene copolymer material.

Peli cases have plenty of useful features for the workplace and have been tried and tested to create a high industry standard. The strength, durability and waterproof nature of these cases is why many people invest in them, so is a top contender if you are searching for a new one.

If you want to find out more about how strong Peli cases are, or about which case is right for you, get in touch with our team, today. You can also visit our Resource Hub, to find out similar news and topics as well.