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Plastic Cases

Plastic cases make ideal promotional presentation cases for the safe packaging, storage or transit of your sample products or equipment. All of our plastic cases can be supplied with the addition of foam inserts and printed with your branding or logo. The addition of custom cut foam inserts and branding to your choice of plastic case provides your sample products or equipment with a protective transit solution whilst ensuring maximum brand exposure and organisation during any reps product presentation or demonstration.

We are proud to be one of the largest UK stockists of plastic cases and offer a wide variety of plastic cases in various sizes and colour options to allow you to match your company branding and further promote your brand awareness to existing and potential new clients.

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FAQs About Plastic Cases

How are plastic cases made?

Plastic cases are made using injection moulded polypropylene.

Can you add my branding to the plastic case?

Yes, we can. Silk screening printing, digital print or In-Mould Labelling (IML) is a production technique whereby the print is moulded into the body of the case. It can be applied to both the back and front-side of the case and, for our Excellent series, even on the interior and exterior.

Can you make a custom size plastic case?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The manufacturing process involves injecting polypropylene into a tool which costs on average £100k-£200k each, so this is not an option.

Will a plastic case protect my fragile equipment?

This will be dependant upon the environment the case is to be used within, the risk factors the case is exposed to and the fragility and sensitivity of the contents.

They would NOT be suitable, for example, for use in the hold of an aircraft or as a carrier transit solution without additional external packaging.

They do offer a degree of shower resistance/splash resistance but are not waterproof.

They are perfect, however, for storage and transit solutions for equipment on and to site locations or as sample presentation and demonstration cases.

Foam inserts offer further protection to contents by restricting movement of the contents and also provide the benefit of the contents being easily identifiable and well organised at the point of use or display ensuring maximum work efficiency whether the contents are working tools or equipment or product samples for sales presentation and demonstrations.

Can you add custom cut foam to plastic cases.

Yes, numerous types of foam for various different uses can be added to the cases, so whether or not you know the actual type of foam you require or if you need guidance and require our recommendation, we can work on both bases.

Do you have plastic cases in stock?

We are the UK’s largest stockist of SPI and Excellent plastic cases and as the UK distributor of these plastic case ranges, we are importing stock on a weekly basis from Europe.

In the event an order is placed via our website and the goods are not available from stock, we always contact the customer via email and advise what current stock levels are in all colour options of the plastic case ordered, so if a substitute model would be accepted they have this option.

They will also be advised of the lead time should they wish to wait for stock to arrive, and of course, should either of these options not be acceptable, they would have the option to cancel for and receive a full refund.

Are there price breaks and quantity discounts for larger volume orders of plastic cases?

Prices on our website include delivery to one UK mainland address. Should you require more than 5 pcs, then please contact us with the details of your requirement and we will provide a no obligation quotation for you as the built in delivery on our website does cause variation on costs for most models.

Bulk order price breaks for plastic carry cases run 1-10 off, 11-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499, 500-999, 1000+. We also regularly work to customer requirements for large volume orders on monthly call off basis.

What information do you need to provide a quotation for a custom cut foam insert for plastic cases?

To enable us to provide a quotation for custom cut foam inserts for plastic cases we would require one of the following:

– a physical set of samples
– a rough hand sketch with the dimensions and depths for each cut out
– a photograph with a perimeter size and depths of the items detailed
– a digital drawing, preferred formats are DXF, DWG, PDF or Jpeg
– approx. weights for the items

If you have any specific requirements such as density of foam, preferred colour or even required by date, then please ensure you also include these details.

We would also need to know the quantity required and if delivery would also be required for the goods, in which case please also provide the postcode or full delivery address.