PottertonPacs: Top Home Renovation Sample Bags You Never Knew Existed

When undertaking home renovations, customers will want to see and touch as many samples as possible to be able to make up their mind on which options are best. This also makes it easier for them to assess the quality, finish and other colour options.

If you are a home renovation business providing or visiting customers with samples, you’ll need to present them with a professional solution that protects your samples during transportation, keeping them safely together. Effective sample presentation showing you products in a neat and professional way will enhance each product to look even better to existing or potential new customers. 

With this in mind, you may be interested in a home renovation sample bag to enable you to safely transport and professionally present your product samples.

Awnings and Solar Shades

As we approach the warmer weather, we also see a demand for patio awning to create shade and also keep out the rain on the very occasional rainy day! Awnings allow your customers to make the most of their outdoor space, all year round.

When having a consultation with customers, awning or solar shade specialists will present their fabric samples to allow customers to assess the quality of the product whilst enabling their customer to judge how each fabric feels and looks. 

Over the years, we have produced sample bags for sales representatives carrying out site visits across the country.


Blinds come in a variety of colours, styles, textures and materials colours including wooden, vertical, shutter, venetian, roman with various fittings and accessories.

We are working with a growing number of blind and shutter companies who are looking for professional ways to present their blind and shutter samples, whilst being able to transport and store them safely, avoiding damage or marks to these working samples when in transit.

Our custom-made sample bags are the perfect solution to presenting and storing blind or shutter samples, whether that be in a showroom or a customer’s own home. With these custom made bags being designed and made to order the size options are endless so you can be sure you can will have the ideal size and shape of your blind or shutter samples.

Composite Decking and Cladding

We have seen a huge increase in interest in the industry of decking and cladding, with a large number of customers looking to upgrade their homes with composite decking and cladding.

We regularly create plastic cases for sales reps who carry out demo’s during home visits and are looking to present their samples of decking and cladding. 

As these samples are likely to be knocked and banged in transit, having the option to have custom cut foam built into the sample case will prevent decking and cladding samples from damage.

Door Sample Bags

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen a large increase in orders for door sample bags.  With homeowners choosing kitchen and bedroom upgrades projects which could be linked to increased disposable income availability with the lack of foreign holiday accessibility.  Plus more workers requiring functional and practical home office space for those who will continue to work from home.  

The fitted kitchen, bedroom and office industry has seen a significant increase in demand with home owners choosing to invest in a new fitted bedroom furniture or kitchen cabinets to not only gain practical enjoyment from themselves but also add value to their property with these types of home upgrades.

Our door sample bags are ideal for transporting, storing and presenting bedroom and kitchen cabinet sample doors and are padded to ensure your sample doors will be kept in good condition.

With adjustable straps and an array of colours to choose from, it is easy to present samples to prospective customers within their own homes, in-store or on the move. The 4mm of protective foam laminated to this padded polyester ensures each cabinet or door sample cannot come into contact with the others and so your samples stay looking great and be a tempting addition to anyone’s home renovation plans.

Entrance Controls and Devices

While we’re transforming to a smart world, the demand for smart devices for the home is on the rise. In particular, entry solutions for the home, including camera doorbells and keyless door access controls.

Whether your customers are looking to have a new savvy camera doorbell or a keyless door access control system, you will want to present these in a professional manner to maximise the sale potential and keep your sample device display free of scratches and chips.


Increases in demand to undertake home renovations has led to flooring specialists and suppliers coping with an astounding level of demand for residential customers, not to mention commercial customers looking to upgrade office space ahead of the return to work.

Similarly to composite decking and cladding, flooring samples are needed to be kept in a secure case with custom cut foam to keep each sample intact and in their designated spaces. Whilst these samples are likely to be hardwearing once fitted, they can be fragile in a small sample form and require some level of protection. A plastic carry case is cost-effective, durable and is ideal to transport multiple flooring samples when presenting to customers, installers or wholesalers.

Garage Doors

We have worked with a network of approved distributors and installers of aluminium roller garage doors and security shutters. 

PottertonPacs regularly supply zip-round presentation folders to showcase garage door samples, with custom-cut foam for these samples to neatly slot into, therefore preventing scratches and damage during transportation. Your garage door samples can be housed nicely in this case which opens to 180°, making for easy and straightforward presenting, wherever you need to go.


Hardware manufacturers require hardware sales demo cases to store and display handles, locks and hinges, as well other types of door furniture and fittings for windows and doors. 

Our custom plastic cases can store these hardware samples so that customers can choose which sample is best for their homes when undertaking home renovations.

Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis

During July 2020, jacuzzi sales soared by 1,000%, with suppliers unable to keep up with the exponential demand of homeowners upgrading their outdoor space and hoping to spend more time in their outdoor garden. This huge spike in interest has led to record searches for jacuzzi and jacuzzi cover suppliers. 

If you are a supplier looking to show samples of your jacuzzi covers, you’ll need a custom sample bag to display the different materials you have available.

Kitchen Worktops

Whether it be laminate, solid wood, acrylic or something completely bespoke, a sample bag is the perfect lightweight solution, to transport and present your samples for kitchen worktops.

Our sample bags can also be used to provide samples of kitchen cupboards and cabinets to make it easier for your customers to compare their options and match to their chosen worktop.


Whether it’s roofing tiles, fascias, soffits, guttering, roof lanterns or conservatory roofing systems, roofing specialists and repair companies will need to present their samples for customers to choose the best style and colour for their property.

Our custom-made sample bags are the perfect solution to transport, present and store your roofing samples, whether that be in a showroom or a customer’s own home.

Sink Taps

When presenting bathroom and kitchen sink taps, it can be useful to have a clean and well organised way to transport and present them that will also keep them safe and secure. 

Our Plastic Carry Cases do just this, and make it extremely easy to get your taps and other kitchen and bathroom fittings from one place to another, whether that be people’s homes or showrooms.

Most of these carry cases are available black, white, grey, navy, royal blue, yellow, green and red and will therefore offer solution to display our samples effectively and can even be matched with most companies corporate colours. With numerous perimeter sizes and depth ranging from 20 up to 300mm you can be certain we will have a case to suit your requirement.

Tools and Equipment

Specialist fitting equipment or repair kits are often common place for installers or technicians carrying out any household improvements, maintenance, service or repairs. Such tool or kits can come in various shapes and sizes and are often either crucial pieces of equipment to carry out the necessary work or are high value equipment that need to be kept safe to ensure total working condition when travelling from one location to another.

Our plastic cases offer the perfect economical and hard wearing solution to housing and transporting specialist fitting equipment, maintenance testing or repair kits.  Whilst our Custom Made Tool Cases are ideal for those with an array of specialist tooling or for larger electrical tools that need to be kept secure when you’re not using them.

Window Bags

Transporting delicate window samples can be a difficult task, which is why PottertonPacs has designed a window sample bag that will be ideal for the task. You can easily take a corner sample section of a window from one location to another with this handy bag that is manufactured in woven polyester with a PVC backer and 4mm foam pad which is laminated to the inside face of the bag material offering protection to the glass window samples inside.

To add an extra layer of professionalism, you can even add your own company logo and customise your bag to match the colour scheme of your business. These little touches will make each product look even better when presenting them to potential customers.

Customisable Sample Bags and Folders

When presenting items for home renovations, you should look for reliable gear that will help you do the job and showcase your products in the most professional way possible. If you are presenting samples, you’ll need to make sure that you choose the right bag or case for your products, which is why we, at PottertonPacs, custom-make all products to your specifications.

One of our home renovation sample bags is bound to be right for you. For more information, you can contact us or read more industry-relevant news and topics on our resource hub.