Resin, Aggregate and Flooring Sample Cases: Driveways, Floors, Walls, Kitchen Surfaces and Much More

resin drive installer sample kit in a black carry case

Whether you’re a driveway specialist, flooring specialist, or a business providing customers with home renovation services, you may well have noticed an extremely high level of demand with a record number of homeowners looking to undertake home improvement projects.

We all have our own particular taste and idea of how we’d like our home improvement projects to look, which is why it’s crucial to provide your customers with samples to create their dream vision and to decide which will look best. 

Regardless of what you are showing samples of, whether it be bonded aggregate or resin driveways, household or commercial flooring systems or any other sort of internal or external floor coverings, you will need a sample presentation case to display them. 

Our sample presentation cases are the perfect solution to transport and display to your customers the finishes and options available to them before they make a decision.

Display Cases For Your Samples

When selling any kind of product, you want to be able to rely on your presentation case so you can do the job. Whether you are presenting materials and products for driveways or delicate equipment, your sample presentation case can say volumes.

The most popular type of case selected for this purpose are our plastic cases as they are both sturdy and durable. When teamed with custom cut foam inserts, they offer plenty of protective features to keep each sample in perfect condition.

Having a sample presentation case not only looks proficient and gives a fantastic first impression, when meeting and greeting clients you will also be confident your samples are displayed to maximise their potential. 

Each sample case showcases a variety of options to show different blends, textures and colours. As these samples can be easily kept in a portable case, the samples can be stored together. This also means that customers can compare their favourite samples side by side.

Previous Projects – Resin Drives, Composite Decking and Wall/ Floor Tiles

Over the years, we have supported a large number of businesses looking to showcase their product samples to create a more personalised experience for their customers. Having these samples in one place makes it easier for customers to compare different samples and choose the best option for them. 

Below, we have some examples of our recent sample presentation cases to give you an idea of how your samples can be showcased in a sample case whether it be resin or aggregate samples, floor or wall tiles or composite decking.

Sample Cases With a Professional Finish

One of the most important aspects of sample presentation or demo cases is that they look professional. When presenting or demonstrating, these important touches can make all the difference in closing the sales lead, as first impressions really do count.

With professional lines and finishes, secure working catches and comfortable carry handles, you can support your sales representatives with sample cases that look great presenting options to potential clients. 

Custom plastic cases are also a fantastic way to get your brand and ethos across to potential customers, commanding attention and looking first-rate during sales demonstration.

The benefit of having the option to add your company name, logo or branding to these sales demo cases allows you to maximise your brand exposure, whilst the professional appearance reinforces your customers confidence in any potential purchase.

It helps you be seen, recognised and used again and again by customers. It even creates a level of trust and can add brand value to the buying experience for your customers. So, whether you would like a case with your branding colours or your logo, this is something that can be factored into your design and applied to the final product.

Foam Inserts for Extra Protection

At PottertonPacs, we also provide foam inserts to carefully store your samples to protect them from damage when you are on the go, giving them an extra level of protection and organisation.

Our foam inserts can also be custom cut to neatly fit each sample to keep them in one place with complete cushioning.

Not only does the addition of custom cut foam ensure that the samples aren’t damaged during transit as they won’t move around, it also looks fantastic when presenting each item. Foam inserts offer cushioning and absorb force if there is movement or an impact and they also make items in your presentation case look neat and uniform throughout the day.

Some of the benefits of foam case insert packaging includes the level of protection it can offer, preventing damage of your samples, and therefore saving you money to prevent the need of replacing your samples, and also making it easier to prepare your samples with custom-cut slots for each one.

How Can We Help?

A sample case should be an affordable way to showcase finish options, and are the perfect aid to show your customers some of the aggregate finishes and beautiful blends available to them. 

To find out how we can turn your vision into a reality, please take a read of our visual guide explaining the steps of ordering with PottertonPacs, from design contempt to prototype.

If you’d like to learn more about our sample cases that work well for bonded aggregate, resin driveways, floor and wall samples or composite decking, please get in touch today.