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Padded Bags, Covers and Soft Cases

  • padded product sample demo bags for the home improvement industry
  • protective stitched bags for the safe and easy transportation of your samples
  • windows frame bags, corner section bags or kitchen & bedroom sample doors bags

Did you know it is not just the home improvement industry we make padded bags for?  If you are looking for a bespoke solution we are able to offer custom made product sample bags or protective covers to meet and exceed your requirements. As expert UK designers and manufacturers we offer the opportunity to tailor the interior of the bag to suit your needs further with either die cut, CNC routed or waterjet cut foam inserts. Custom foam inserts protect your products or equipment by securely holding products or samples within recesses cut to the size and shape of your products, equipment or samples.  Whilst branded custom bags with the addition of your logo or company name ensures maximum exposure and promotes an image of professionalism and quality to potential clients.

PottertonPacs have been producing custom sample bags and covers for numerous years and have a wide and well proven range of range of standard padded bags available to protect your products whilst making them easy to transport.  Available in numerous colours with the option of either padded or non padded material, our soft stitched cases, padded bags & covers are a light weight and cost effective solution that is still protective. When a semi rigid approach is required to add additional protection to your equipment or product samples, a  polypropylene sheet or a foam inserts can be fitted to a custom made bag to add further protection.

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FAQS About Padded Bags, Covers and Soft Cases

Can I add my logo to these bags?

You can add a logo to just one item but the cost to do this does not suit all customers budgets. The most economical option is a clear PVC pocket to insert your own artwork.

Digitally printed labels: this option has a minimum order of 10pcs . You can order less bags than this and will be charged for 10 labels and any overs kept in stock for possible future orders.

Silk screen printing: again a minimum order applies and on this option it is 25 pcs. Once again you can order less than 25 pcs but the additional cost of applying silk screen printing to 25 pcs would be the same cost as to add silk screen printing to just 10 pcs.

Embroidery: this option carries no minimum order quantity and is available on a price on application basis only. To enable us to quote this option we would have to send an EPS copy of the logo to the embroiders to obtain costs for this option of branding for you.

Are the standard window and door bags listed on your website in stock?

We always aim to have at least 4 pcs of each item in stock. In the event we do not have your required item in stock, we will contact you and advise of what stock we do have so if you wish to accept a substitute colour option for a speedier delivery you are able to do so.

If you prefer to wait for your preferred item, you will be advised of the lead time to produce an out of stock item, so you will be aware of any delays in the supply of your order.

What's different about the economy window or door sample bags?

The economy door sample bags, or window sample bags, are the same great quality but just a simplified design. The economy window and door bag do not have adjustable carry handles or base feet and the economy door sample bag has non-padded internal dividers.

The economy window sample bags and door samples bags are only available in black.

What information do you need to provide a quotation for a custom padded bag?

To enable us to supply you with a quote for a custom padded bags, please let us know the size(s) of the item(s) that will be housed within the bag as we always work from the product size and add additional allowances to these dimensions to allow for easy loading and unloading.

What is the minimum quantity of custom padded bags that can be ordered?

There is no minimum order. We will produce 1-off orders for custom padded bags, however as order quantities increase so do the bulk order discounts we are able to offer, so it is more cost effective to order in bulk.

Will a padded bag protect my products?

This will be dependant upon the environment the bag is to be used within, the risk factors the bag is exposed to and the fragility and sensitivity of the contents.

They would NOT be suitable for use in the hold of an aircraft or as a carrier transit solution, without additional external packaging.

They do offer a degree of shower/splash resistance but are not waterproof.

Perfect for a light weight storage and transit solution for equipment on and to site locations, as sample presentation and demonstration cases for reps.

Foam inserts can offer further protection to contents by restricting movement of the contents and also provide the benefit of the contents being easily identifiable and well organised at the point of use or display ensuring maximum work efficiency whether the contents are working tools, equipment or product samples for sales presentation and demonstrations.

Can I order a sample bag to check the quality?

For our standard products, 1-off’s can be purchase online for you to assess the quality.

For custom made padded bags, the option to have proto-types for evaluation, pilot batches for testing or simply a pre-production sample for final sign-off prior to the full bulk order being manufactured are all options we are able to offer.