Product Sample Bags From Start to Finish

custom padded window sample bag with everest logo

Product samples are vital for those working in the likes of the Home Improvement Industry. This is because customers and clients will often want to have a firm idea of the service you provide before they decide to invest. Ultimately, sample products can be the lifeblood of making sales for many businesses.

Therefore, making sure your product samples stay undamaged and in pristine condition could have a huge influence on your business’ financial turnover. A scuffed up window frame or broken door handle will not represent the service you provide in the best light. Protective stitched padded bags are therefore the best solution for the safe and easy transportation of your sales reps demo kits. Windows frame bags, corner section bags or kitchen & bedroom sample door bags are all available in our wide range of products.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about our product sample bags and how your business could begin benefitting today.

High Quality Presentable Protection

Our sample bags don’t just guarantee excellent protection for your products but they are also extremely presentable. They are the perfect solution for travelling sales reps to carry a sample window to customer premises and homes due to the high quality materials used in the manufacturing process. A smartly displayed product is much more likely to create a positive impression and ensure your remembered for the right reasons.

Regardless of your image or style, these protective padded bags will ensure a professional and well organised appearance and are available in a wide array of different colours and fabrics. This is a great benefit for businesses who want to maintain and promote a consistent corporate identity with your branding whilst on the move. You can also benefit from the variety of colour options available by using this as means to colour code certain products, meaning that customers and staff alike are easily aware of different product contents just by identifying the sample bags without the need to look inside.

Ultimately, each one of our protective padded bags brings with it unique characteristics that make it perfect for specific uses. We have a wide variety of products for businesses and individuals who work within various industries. For example, The economy protective window sample bag is perfect for those within the window fitting industry who need the most economical solution to transport a window sample. These are manufactured like the majority of our bags in a padded woven polyester with a PVC backer which has 4mm of foam laminated to provide additional foam padding ensuring that these sample bags not only look great on the outside, they also ensure your products stay safe and secure on the inside. The economy window bags have a 3 sided zip closure to ensure your sample is secure within the bag whilst in transit and allow easy loading and removal of your window sample during any sales presentation or demonstration.

Versatility for Various Industries

These bespoke product sample bags are not just suitable for those working within the home improvement industry. They are also the perfect solution for various business sectors with a need for a lightweight solution to transport, protect or present equipment or products. PottertonPacs has a wealth of experience designing product sample bags and transit solutions for customers from many different industries to carry a wide variety of products.

Some of the industries which we provide product sample bags for include:

  • Engineering – storage or transit bags for repair, testing and maintenance equipment
  • Exhibition and Events – protective covers and display panel storage and transit bags
  • Audio Visual – lightweight protective equipment transport solutions
  • Instrumentation – medical and electronic sample presentation bags
  • Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical – sample products and reps demo kit bags

If you have a particular item that has specific dimensions which we do not currently provide, then we can work alongside you to produce a custom product to fit your needs. There is a whole host of other personalised elements to our service, including a choice of velcro or zip closures, contrasting colours, the addition of telescopic handle and wheels, alternative fabrics and much more.

Ease of Transportation Everytime

Protective sample bags and padded cases are great if they protect your items on the move, however, what is the benefit if you struggle to transport them to your destination in the first place? PottertonPacs emphasise ease of transportation with every product which we design, manufacture and sell.

The nature of product sample bags mean that they are constantly on the move. To help you cope with this strain, there are various aspects of our products which make transportation no issue at all. Our sample bags are made from lightweight, padded materials (often polyester) and are most feature strong adjustable length webbing carrying handles to make transportation as safe as it is convenient.

A Customised Service to Stand Out from the Crowd

Our product sample bags are ideal for use in the home improvement industry and can be completely customised to reflect the exact image of your business. Our customizable branding element can be the perfect solution and help you to stand out from the crowd and get the edge against competitors.

Advertising and branding is a huge deal for those working within industries in which they are trying to sell a particular product or service. Therefore, PottertonPacs create bespoke customised product sample bags which kill two birds with one stone; protection and brand promotion. More and more businesses are now taking advantage of this service to put them one step ahead of competitors.

Ultimately, both your branding and products are in safe hands when working with PottertonPacs. It isn’t just a company logo or slogan which we are able to put onto your bag or protective case, we could even work alongside you to add a savvy sales message which keeps you in the memories of past and future customers alike.

This personalised element to our padded sample bags and protective product cases is especially popular for those working in sales and marketing or at trade events or conventions. These protective soft cases offer padded protection for your samples, keeping them safe transit whilst bringing the added benefit of a uniquely professional display to potential future customers and clients.

PottertonPacs silkscreen or digital printing services mean that high-quality logos and branding can be added onto your bags to put that extra professional touch to your display bags.

Reap the Benefits of Bespoke Product Sample Bags Today

Do you want your company’s sample bags to be as protected as they are presentable? Your branding and products are always secure when investing in our product sample bags.

PottertonPacs offer a wide range of product sample bags and much more to protect your equipment or products. We pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers of expertly made protective presentation cases, padded soft bags, custom protective covers and other heavy-duty equipment transit, presentation or storage solutions for a wide range of industries.

Get in contact at 0116 276 7562 with any queries or concerns you may have. Reap the rewards of high-quality product sample bags and padded cases today.