How to Protect Your High Value Visual & Audio Kits

Due to the nature of the industry, high value visual and audio kits are notorious for getting damaged in transit whilst on the road. Camera, sound, lighting and recording equipment have to move from location to location on a frequent basis, meaning fragile and costly equipment is going to be exposed to more danger than equipment from many other industries.

However, by investing in the right protective equipment cases, you can safeguard your high value visual and audio kits and ensure the contents stay protected no matter what the journey looks like. With the help of PottertonPacs protective equipment cases, you can ensure that no footage is lost and no expensive mistakes need to be reimbursed.

Our protective equipment cases are the most effective way to safely transport your valuable electronic items. We provide products ranging from custom-built flight cases and road trunks, protective padded bags and the well known Peli Protective and Peli Storm indestructible, waterproof cases. Ultimately, you and your products will be prepared for every incident. Keep reading to discover how to effectively protect your high value visual and audio kits.

What are the Benefits of Protective Equipment Cases for Visual and Audio Kits?

The wide variety of equipment cases with custom foam inserts or simple foam lining internally is a huge benefit for those who have fragile and expensive audio visual kits but are totally reliant on this equipment to make any event look and sounds amazing. From speakers and lighting to expensive cameras, touch screens or projection equipment  there is a lot of equipment within the visual and audio industry which come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. We provide the solution for all of these specific items.

Protection from all angles is also achieved through the wide variety of protective technology products available. There are hard protective cases available on our website today which are waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, chemical resistant & corrosion-proof – meaning your expensive kit will stay safe no matter how hairy things get on the road.

PottertonPacs emphasise ease of transportation when selecting which products to sell to our customers. It is because of this that much of the protective equipment cases or carry bags we are able to offer as an off the shelf or bespoke solution have either wheels as standard or are available with the option of adding a pull handle and wheels, whether this is a fixed pull handle or a telescopic handle.  This makes transporting the kit just as simple as protecting it.

Due to the nature of those working with expensive audio visual kits, you are likely to have to be on the move constantly with your profession. Moving from exhibition hall to exhibition hall for trade shows or location to location for entertainment events or product launches can not only be highly strenuous for equipment, but also for yourself and your team.  Back problems and other injuries are commonly caused by lugging around heavy equipment. This isn’t just painful for the individual, but it can also mean a delay in work completing on schedule for the company. Therefore, it is important that the protective equipment case or bag that you are using to transport your products does not just minimise against damage for your kit, but also for the people involved.

For example, PottertonPacs flight cases, utility cases and road trunks are frequently used by those transporting bulky exhibition or event equipment. These products are so popular because they offer a protective packaging and transit solution from a wide array of dangers whilst still being relatively easy to transport. For example, they are easy to transport by road, sea or even in the hold of an aircraft.

Those working with expensive electronics and other audio/visual equipment find that a bespoke protective case or bag purpose-built to protect your equipment is a small price to pay for peace of mind that their high-value kit is being kept safe and will arrive in full working order.

Personalised Protection for Your Kit

Those who work within the visual and audio production industry will usually care a lot about image (and sound). With this in mind, custom bespoke products are available to protect your expensive equipment whilst also maintaining a sense of style or identity branding.

We offer a variety of different colours and fabrics across all our products. Our protective bags are not only available in different materials, but also different construction styles and strengths of build. This is adjusted depending on the contents and the environments it will be used in.

This is particularly important for individuals and businesses who want to promote an event or company name whilst on the move. You can maintain a consistent company look by ensuring that the aesthetics of your products and protective equipment go well together. This consistency also provides the benefit of minimising against the chance of your staff and clients alike getting confused by what equipment belongs to whom and what goes where by allowing you brand or even colour code specific kits (e.g. audio equipment, cameras, etc.)

We offer custom made solutions which have no minimum order required, meaning you get a professional, personal touch on your protection. Customised products with personalised foam interiors are also available with bespoke cut-outs to keep your items safely in place (e.g. camera lenses, microphones, cables, etc.) You will also have the option to add various custom made add-ons to your purchase, including:

  • Additional foam lining (when a basic and generic solution is required)
  • Bespoke foam interiors (cut outs to hold your items in place)
  • Adjustable dividers (movable and removable dividers to create compartments)
  • Wheels or castors

Two Birds with One Stone: Protection and Promotion

If branding and company image is also a big part of your work, then PottertonPacs can work with you to advertise your business whilst simultaneously keeping the tools of your trade safe. A custom-designed case or bag is the perfect way to promote the image of professionalism and quality to potential clients.

Ultimately, our customisable branding service means that you can advertise your audio or visual company whilst on the move. You can even add your company logo or a clever sales message on the side through making the most of our expert branding services which include full digitally printed panels and silk screen printing. Both your marketability and equipment are in safe hands when working with PottertonPacs, protective audio and visual equipment suppliers.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe with PottertonPacs

Do you want to guarantee the safety of your high-value audio and visual kit? PottertonPacs have a rich history and expertise in providing protective cases and bags and much more for you and your equipment, dating back to the 19th century.

Nowadays, we pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers. We provide expertly made protective presentation cases, padded soft bags and other heavy-duty transit equipment cases for a wide range of industries.

Have a browse at our products, get in contact at 0116 276 7562 with any queries or concerns you may have. Get started on protecting your valuables today.