The Best Branding, Graphic Design & Call To Actions to Display on Your Custom Bag

bespoke padded blind sample bag

Branding and company marketing has become a constant consideration for those working within competitive trades. Many businesses are opting to do all they can to market their services and put them one step ahead of competitors.

But what if you could brand your business whilst simultaneously protecting the tools of your trade? Well, thanks to Potterton Pacs bespoke customisable protective equipment , you can. A custom designed bag is the perfect way to give off the image of professionalism and quality to potential clients.

Our customisable branding service allows you to advertise your company name or logo whilst on the job. However, it doesn’t just stop there. If you get creative then there is a wide array of ways in which this exclusive branding service could help you to stand out from the crowd. For example, you could even add a savvy sales message on your protective custom bag through making the most of our expertly designed silk screen printing.

Both your marketability and tools are in safe hands when working with PottertonPacs. Keep reading to discover the best branding, graphic design & call to actions to display on your custom bag.

Why Protection and Promotion Should Go Hand in Hand

Our promotional branding service means that you can advertise your business whilst on the job. If promoting your business’ ethos is a big part of your branding strategy, or you simply want to look for further ways to get your company name out there, then PottertonPacs protective equipment is the solution for you.

A custom-designed bag is the perfect way to give off the image of professionalism and quality to potential clients. This is achieved through silk-screen printing, digital printing, embroidery and artwork. This means that any logo, sales messages, slogan or call to action can be printed onto your bags. Some customers also require a clear pocket to insert their own artwork or product identity labels. Some of the benefits of this include:

Allow your business to stand out from the crowd with 24/7 constant promotion. This will mean that your name and logo stays in the minds of your customers for longer. They are far more likely to invest in your services again or refer you to someone else if your name has been imprinted in their memory than if they have simply forgotten it.

Get creative and print a sales pitch or savvy message on your equipment to lure in potential customers and clients. As advertising psychology has shown for years, humour is the best way to stay in the customer’s memory!

Our expertly designed silk screen printing means that colourful, artistic or stylish designs can be printed onto your protective equipment. This is particularly useful for those operating with audio and visual equipment and working within other creative industries.

Interior branding. It isn’t just personalised printing that allows you to advertise your business but also cutting services too. Customers and clients are bound to be left impressed when making the most of our CNC technology which allows your logo to be routed into the foam interior through precision routing. We can also achieve the same detailed finish using waterjet cutting.

If you have had a genius idea for company advertising, or simply want to enquire into how your company logo could look on a custom made bag, then simply get in contact today. Our expert team will be on hand to help you create a solution which both protects and promotes your service in equal measure.

The Added Benefits of Our Branding Solutions

PottertonPacs customised protective bags and cases are not merely a cheap sales gimmick, they are also the best solution to protecting your valuable tools. Some of the many benefits of our protective branding solutions include:

Expertise in protection for multiple trades: We supply numerous industries with specialist bags and protective case, including the medical, motor, audio/visual, and transport industries. Specifically, within the transport industry, our bags are frequently used to transport important maintenance, test and repair kits/equipment to site.

With this wealth of clientele comes with it an assurance that you are working with a company who has experience protecting equipment within your industry. Also, due to our customisable element, you can adapt one of our products to suit any specialist equipment. For example, if you are a cameraman who has a wide number of specifically sized lenses, then our foam cutting service will mean that casing is designed to fit them perfectly, meaning they don’t move around during transportation.

A consistent style to match your company’s ethos: You wouldn’t go to a gig in your pyjamas, would you? In the same way which those working for big corporations wear suits and ties or those working in trades will wear matching uniforms, it is important that your equipment is presented well to give off a strong and professional company image. Our custom padded bags ensure that you, your product or equipment are well presented in work and offered in a wide array of different colours and fabrics. A sleek consistency will be achieved by ensuring that the products and equipment appear well presented, allowing your customers/clients to feel confident in your reliability as a business. An additional benefit of this consistency is that it lessens the chance of any confusion on which products belong where, as a custom made bag will be designed so everything has a place and will remain safely protected in its place.  Colour coding to incorporate your company colours and bespoke foam inserts services are also available.

Convenient Transportation: What’s the use of having protective equipment for your tools if you can’t move it somewhere in the first place? Or worse still, that you end up damaging yourself trying to drag heavy protective cases or bags around? With this in mind, PottertonPacs ensure that all of our protective products also bring with them an element of easy transportation. Many of the protective equipment bags and cases have the option available to come with telescopic, adjustable handles and wheels which make moving the kit just as simple as keeping it safe.

Functional Advertising with PottertonPacs

Do you want your business’ advertising to provide a practical function as well as a potentially lucrative one? Both your marketability and equipment are in safe hands when working with PottertonPacs, leaders of protective industry equipment.

We have a rich history and expertise in providing protective bags and much more for you and your equipment. We pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers of expertly made protective presentation cases, padded soft bags and other heavy-duty equipment for a wide range of industries.

Have a browse at our products, get in contact by calling us on 0116 276 7562 with any queries or concerns you may have. Protect and promote with PottertonPacs today.