Keep What’s Important To You Safe With Hard Carry Cases

peli hard carry case with yellow and black custom foam

You may need to transport an expensive product from your warehouse to a conference or if you simply need to keep something safe in storage, it’s important that you choose the right protective case for the item in question.

No matter what kind of item you’re looking to keep safe, whether its a personal item or a business asset, it’s imperative that you have a protective packaging or transit solution that you can rely on.

At PottertonPacs, we have developed a wide range of hard carry cases that are used by both business professionals and individuals who need reliable solutions to keep their most treasured items safe. Read on to discover how our range of plastic cases and waterproof cases can keep your equipment, tools and business assets safe.

Moisture can seep in through any exposed gaps, so if you opt for a cheap plastic case instead of a leading brand name such as Peli Protector or Peli Storm, you’ll more than likely end up with ruined items that cannot be salvaged. If having an airtight hard carry case is vital, we thoroughly recommend our Peli Storm Waterproof Cases. Not only are these cases completely airtight to keep any unwanted moisture out, they are also waterproof so they can keep your items safe in the harshest of environments.

Peli waterproof hard carry cases are built to withstand the rigours of the most demanding industrial, military & commercial uses.  Available in a variety of sizes and designs, Peli Protector cases are commonly the choice for military use and travel expeditions. They are ideal for transporting and protecting laptops, IT, camera and audiovisual equipment, electrical equipment, medical equipment, instrumentation for measurement or monitoring and detection equipment/test kits to name just a few.

If you need something larger and a little more heavy duty, for example if something is going to be going through a lengthy transit process or is going to be stored in demanding environments, you’re going to need more than a standard plastic case.

We think that our Peli Storm or Protector Hard Cases are the perfect hard carry case for the job. Why? Because these cases pack an extra punch when it comes to protective features. For example, these cases are:

  • Built to withstand harsh environments
  • The case of choice for demanding industrial, military and commercial uses
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
  • Corrosion proof
  • Shock and impact resistant
  • Designed to comply with military specs

Its safe to say that these hard plastic cases are the ideal choice for those wanting extremely protective, reliable and heavy-duty cases to keep their items safe, no matter where they’re being transported or stored.

Both of the above mentioned cases and other hard cases in our range feature secure latches. Whilst this may seem less important, they actually play a very important role in keeping your items safe and secure.

The double step latches will ensure that your items are secure in transit and ensure the case does not unexpectedly open causing your items to spill out and get lost or broken. Some of our protective transit cases come with lockable key latches for that extra level of security.  Selected models also feature metal reinforced padlock protectors if you need to add that extra level of safety, security and peace of mind.

If you’ve decided on the hard carry case you need to safely and effectively store and transport your items, why not double the level of protection by opting for some custom foam inserts or other kinds of protective inserts that are custom made to fit your chosen case? We offer custom cut foam inserts for a variety of our plastic cases that can offer a snug fit for your items that will reduce the space they have to move around and ensure they stay put and do not get damaged.

Whether you have some expensive tools or individual items that need protection, we can create some custom cut foam inserts to go into the interior of your chosen hard carry case.  Options on offer for extra protective products made from foam and polystyrene include:

  • Trays – usually vacuum formed (ideal for medical & sterile environment requirements)
  • Pads – can be die cut and stamp, CNC routed or Waterjet cut to precisely fit your items
  • Sheets & Pads – provide lightweight cost effective protection for products
  • Profiles – adds instant protection and prevents against scrapes
  • Corners – can add extra protection to corners and edges of products
  • Void fillers – effectively filling any space to stop products from rolling or moving in cases
  • Bespoke inserts – effectively protect and present specific items

Whatever you need, PottertonPacs provides a complete custom foam service to ensure a protective transport & packaging solution for your products or equipment.

We know the importance of effective and safe storage solutions; afterall, we do have over 50 years of experience with providing businesses and individuals with packaging and storage solutions!

Make sure to browse our entire range of hard carry cases as well as our protective products range. If you do have any questions about our range of carry cases, or our custom protective solutions, contact us today! Our  expert and friendly team will be able to explain our products and services to you to help you decide on the perfect product.

Since choosing a hard carry case is a big deal, especially if you are a business looking to store valuable items, we invite you to come and see these products in person by organising a visit to our showroom. This way, you can inspect these protective cases before investing in a particular size, shape or style.