Top 5 Different Uses for Polystyrene Foam Packaging Sheets

Top 5 Different Uses for Polystyrene Foam Packaging Sheets

Polystyrene foam sheets are used in many different industries, such as the building trade, warehouses, retail & distributors and online businesses.  Uses include protective packaging, void fillers and insulation.


A huge benefit of polystyrene sheets and pads is how low cost they are as a single use packaging.  Able to withstand drastic temperatures and extremely versatile,  polystyrene is extremely easy to cut down and can be purchased up to a maximum block size of 2440 x 1220 x 610mm.  Polystyrene sheet and pads can be cut in virtually any size and thicknesses within these sizes, meaning that the list of sizes possibilities and uses can be endless.


If you’re looking to find out the Top 5 different uses for polystyrene foam packaging sheets, keep reading on.

  1. Home insulation

For thermal insulation, polystyrene foam packaging sheets can be used to keep the cold air out and the warm air in, so it can be a great use for around the residential or commercial building projects. Of course, this proves popular with those working in construction when it comes to roofing, walls and concrete slabs or floor screeds.


  1. Travelling on flights

From the moment we check-in our suitcases at the airport, to the moment we pick them up a few hours later after landing, our suitcases can take on quite a bit of wear and tear. Whilst out of our hands, they can be lugged, thrown around and maybe even dropped a fair amount of times too. 


Polystyrene Foam Packaging sheets can be added to cushion our personal belongings and protect them from potential damage whilst travelling.

  1. Sound absorption in homes

Polystyrene foam is great for noise reduction as it muffles and drastically reduces the sound, therefore can be very useful in reducing the noise coming from inside or outside the house. Styrofoam (a variation of polystyrene) absorbs vibrations and sound waves, so tends to be favoured over other types of polystyrene.

  1. Postage and protective packaging

Distribution companies and warehouses can make use of the packaging sheets by surrounding purchased consumer goods before they are ready to dispatch. Quite often when ordering online, you will find quite a huge amount of polystyrene foam packaging sheets inside your packages to act as a filling and to keep your order intact so the contents aren’t rattling around.


  1. Retail POS Displays

As manufactures of high quality Polystyrene (EPS) material, our experienced team will produce your order specification quickly and efficiently, using hot wire machines and innovative CAD/CAM technology. This versatile material can be used for shop front window displays, seasonal displays or advertisements. 


A great example of this is during the festive season, retailers often want to WOW the customer with a jolly shop front sign. Our efficient machinery can carefully craft letters and display material suitable for any season. So if you need a giant Ho Ho Ho to wow those customers, we can make it possible. 


Think you might benefit from polystyrene foam packaging sheets?


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