How To Make The Most Out Of Your Storage Case

medical instrument storage and carry cases

Storage cases serve two main purposes – to protect our valuable items from knocks and bumps, and of course to store our valuables so they aren’t left lying around collecting dust.

Equipment can be stored with custom-cut foam to protect it from day to day wear, weather, transportation and any other conditions your equipment might endure. If you also have multiple pieces of equipment, your storage case can fit all the necessary equipment in one case, with our custom-fit bespoke foam.

At PottertonPacs, we offer at least 20 styles of cases which pose individual benefits for each industry and purpose. So, deciding which storage case suits your exact purpose and requirements can be a tricky decision.

In order to make the most out of your storage case, you’ll first need to think about several factors.

What’s the purpose?

Custom-built cases, bags & protective foam packaging can be manufactured to your specification, so any bespoke storage case can be designed to tailor to your needs.

To make the most of your storage case, you’ll need to have a think about the purpose of it. In order for your case to be customised to fit your tools, you’ll need to think about which items you would like to be stored inside.

It’s also worth considering which industry the professionals using the case will work in. To help you out, take a look at our Browse By Industry page which categorises some industries and shows relevant products to that industry.

Will you need foam protection?

Whether you require foam for case inserts, tool control or protective packaging, PottertonPacs provides a complete custom foam service to ensure a protective transport & packaging solution for your products or equipment.

Custom cut foam separates and cushions each item, stops them colliding and moving around. This not only prevents scuffs, marks and breakages, it also acts as a ‘cushion’. The padding will not only provide cushioning around the items and keep them safe and secure, but it will also help to absorb any bumps or shocks in transit.

Padding is a perfect solution if you need a lightweight bag but you need something extra that offers a protective mobile transport solution for your items. It will also be extremely beneficial if you are carrying any liquids as the padding can help to stop them from leaking.

Does it need to be waterproof?

Depending on your intended use of your case, it may need to be waterproof. If your case is intended to be used for the maintenance, service and repair industry, for example, you might want to consider opting for a waterproof case, particularly if the case will be used by professionals who may sometimes work outside.

Peli Cases and Peli Storm Cases are designed to be waterproof, crushproof, dustproof and also heavy duty. Peli cases are fantastic for audiovisual specialists, professional photographers, industrial repair and maintenance engineers, emergency service workers, police & military organisations or simply workers with a need to transport equipment overseas. So if you’re reading this and we’ve just named your industry, you’ll most likely benefit from a Peli case!

Aligning with your company branding

You’ll most likely want your storage case to match the branding of your company. We are proud to offer various sizes and colour options to allow you to match your company branding and further promote your brand awareness to existing and potential new clients.

To align your branding with your storage case, you might want to take a look at the colour options available to you. We currently stock eight colours for you to choose from, including; black, anthracite, red, white, yellow, greed, royal and navy.

If your branding was generally blue and red, you could choose from a red, royal or navy storage case, with your logo placed on the exterior.

Another way of aligning with your company branding is by branding the storage case with your company logo. This is perfect for occasions when you’re out and about with your storage case. If you’re on the road a lot, you’ll notice quite a few company cars driving around with company branding and logos printed on the exterior of the vehicle. It goes without saying, this is a fantastic method of marketing, which will work the same way as printing logos onto your storage case.

Wheel or no wheel?

If your storage case is designed for everyday transportation from one place to another, you might want to consider having wheels installed to your case. This makes it much easier to travel with the case if the storage case is designed to carry heavier equipment that might sometimes be difficult to carry.

There will also be the option to have your storage case fitted with a telescopic handle so that the storage case can easily be dragged in-between locations, making it much easier for transportation.

How PottertonPacs can help?

With one of the broadest ranges of bespoke interior solutions on the market, PottertonPacs are confident we will be able to propose a custom interior solution to suit your needs. We also offer custom fabricated, stitched, moulded and fabricated interior solutions too.

We pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers. We provide expertly made protective presentation cases, padded soft bags and other heavy-duty transit equipment cases for a wide range of industries.

If you’d like to talk to our experienced team regarding foam conversion or other custom interior options that could offer a solution to your requirement, we would be happy to answer any of your questions or recommend a possible solution for your consideration. Get in contact at 0116 276 7562 with any queries or concerns you may have.

Get started on protecting your valuables today!