Medical Case Uses In The Field

lens fitting optical sample kit in white plastic branded case

A bag is an essential piece of kit for anyone, but for professionals in the medical, dental or pharmaceutical industry, this can be significantly more important. For this reason, it’s important that anything you are carrying is kept safe and secure, as well as organised with an appropriate protection solution for your equipment.

As a manufacturer of protective presentation cases, padded soft bags and bespoke products, we create a range of stock and bespoke medical cases which can safely store and transport medical products and equipment that need to be used on a daily basis within these industries.

Working broadly within the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries for numerous years we have gained vast experience which has enabled us to develop various product solutions for doctors, nurses, healthcare and emergency service professionals. We supply a wide variety of medical equipment cases to suit the requirements of any medical professional.

We’ve seen our medical cases used in the field for a variety of different purposes in a range of critical medical environments, from first aid kids and medical teaching aids, to storing ultrasound equipment and surgical tools.

If you’re wondering how to utilise our medical cases for your industry, we have listed some of the main uses within the medical, dental and pharmaceutical field below.

Surgical tools, instruments & equipment

Above anything, surgical tools need to be clean, sterilised and hygienic to prevent contamination and infections. Whether it’s a speculum, dilator, lancets, scalpels or surgical scissors, keeping your surgical tools clean and safe needs to be a priority. However, this can be tricky if your tools, instruments and equipment aren’t stored away in a safe place which protects them from dust and dirt which can accumulate on a day-to-day basis.

Medical cases help keep your equipment clean and protected after they have been surgically cleaned. Rather than cleaning your surgical tools, instruments and equipment after they have been left around, it can be much easier to clean and dust the exterior of your medical case.

Fast response kits

Fast response kits are used to provide first aid assistance during emergencies and times of need. These kits are likely to store plasters, sterile dressings, bandages, medicines, tape, scissors, safety pins and sometimes, a basic first aid manual/booklet.

With the need for these first aid kit items to be kept clean, our plastic cases are used for the safe and hygienic storage of first aid equipment that can simply be wiped clean and can be safely closed with the clasp fastening.

When first aid kits are needed when on the move, our medical cases are designed with ergonomic handles for easy transportation.

Hypodermic needles & ampoules

Hypodermic needles and ampoules are used for injecting liquids into the skin, so it’s important that they are kept away from those who are unauthorised from accessing them and are untrained in how to safely inject.

Our medical cases are fitted with twin key lockable toggle locks, with each medical case supplied with two keys. This ensures maximum safety and security and keeps your tools and equipment together, without unauthorised people getting access to it.

Infection control equipment

Infection control equipment, such as gloves, respirator masks and goggles are used to protect the wearer from the potential spread of illnesses and infections. For this reason, infection control equipment is required to be kept in a safe, secure environment which is clean and sanitised.

Medical cases can keep infection control equipment safely stored away when not in use, to prevent day-to-day dust particles, dirt and bacteria from finding their way onto the equipment and contaminating them.

Teaching aids

Teaching aids are often used in doctors surgeries to explain how different parts of the body work and how some injuries can be caused. They’re also used in many classrooms to teach school or university students about the body, so there is a need for these teaching aids to be easy to transport.

Our medical cases are often used for teaching aids including training models and realistic simulators for classrooms, doctors surgeries and hospitals. We create bespoke custom foam inserts so that teaching aids can be neatly stored away in our cases and to offer protection whilst you are on the road.

Ultrasound equipment

When you see the word ‘ultrasound’, you’re likely to think of fetal sonograms used in pregnancies to create a lifelike image of a fetus with its internal body structures. However, ultrasounds are also used for common procedures including abdominal scans, pelvic scans, and musculoskeletal scans to identify any abnormalities and issues.

Similar to most medical tools and devices, ultrasound equipment can be expensive and fragile, and therefore can be costly to replace if broken or lost.

Find your medical case today

If you are a professional who works within any of these industries, then you’ll understand that some of the equipment you carry is easily breakable and fragile, not to mention high value.

When upgrading your case with PottertonPacs, you’ll have the option to completely customise your medical case. If branding and company image is a big part of your work, having your logo placed on your bags improves visibility. This means you can get on with your day whilst simultaneously keeping the tools of your trade safe and presenting your brand.

Since your bag will be used every day and is a core part of your equipment, it’s important that you get it customised to your exact requirement. This not only makes your working day easier but also helps you to know your equipment is stored well, protected and organised.

PottertonPacs are leading suppliers of custom made protective custom bags and this includes protective bags for use within the medical industry. Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss the various options of custom medical bags that are available to you.

We know the importance of providing reliable and protective custom bags and we can assure you that our products are made to extremely high standards to ensure you are getting a quality product solution.