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Nanuk Waterproof Cases

Named after the Inuit for 'polar bear', NANUK protective cases are designed to be tough and survive in the harshest conditions. Available in the UK by PottertonPacs.

NANUK™ is a complete line of impact-resistant waterproof protective cases produced by Canadian case manufacturer Plasticase. Exceptional quality and distinctive design make Nanuk cases a world-renowned brand thanks to innovative features such as the PowerClaw latch and durable NK-7 resin.

No matter what your field is, protecting your valuable equipment is our top priority. Whether you work in IT, sales, medical or mechanical industries, high-quality foam padding/ dividers will be incredibly useful to protect your expensive products and equipment. 

At PottertonPacs, we take pride in our ability to design, manufacture and supply high-quality foam inserts for use in NANUK cases. We specialise in CNC routing, water jet and die cutting of bespoke foam inserts to provide a protective equipment transit or storage solution or sample presentation display. Get in touch with our experts with any queries or questions you may have about incorporating a custom foam insert solution into your NANUK case.

Integrated strength

NANUK waterproof cases are lightweight, sturdy, and nearly indestructible, making them the perfect choice for protecting industrial gear from drops, shocks, and blows. With their IP67 rating, NANUK cases feature a long-lasting watertight seal to prevent anything from entering. 

All types of high-value equipment can be stored in these cases, providing the utmost protection during transportation. With thick walls and oversized details, the shock-absorbing NK-7 resin body prevents any damage to the valuable contents.

NANUK Cases have demonstrated their endurance under some of the harshest conditions, including:

  • Drops from high altitudes
  • Impacts at high force
  • Submersion in water
  • Environments laden with dust
  • Rainfall of great intensity
  • Repeated shocks
  • The list goes on and on.


Waterproof & Dustproof

Nanuk cases are IP67 rated and are designed to keep sensitive electronic equipment dry and dust-free. Watertight for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 m (3.3 ft) and impervious to dust, EPDM provides a long-lasting watertight seal. The integrated auto-pressure valve prevents water from entering the case while allowing air to pass through.

The professional's choice

From medical and military applications to photography, sports, and more, NANUK cases are used in some of the most demanding professions. A NANUK case is the perfect solution for protecting mission-critical equipment, whether it's for work or at play. 

Industrial transport equipment, military-grade machinery, deployment kits, communication systems, sensitive equipment, lifesaving medical devices, and military supplies can all be protected. Various sizes, shapes, and styles are available, with NANUK case sizes ranging from small or medium, to large and, of course, wheeled options.

Professionals and enthusiasts alike have embraced Nanuk cases to meet the challenging demands of a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Broadcasting and photography
  • Science and medicine
  • Firefighting, rescue and emergency services
  • Armed forces
  • Law enforcement
  • Energy and industrial sectors
  • Outdoors sports activities
  • and many more.


Stylish design tailored to your needs

Design doesn't have to be compromised for strength. Featuring rounded corners and strongly defined lines, the NANUK range of cases makes a stylish statement in terms of their modern design. Custom printing, labels, foam inserts, and panels are all available with NANUK protective cases. Enquire online today. 

A range of customisation services is available. The services include die-cut, CNC-routed or waterjet-cut foam inserts to create recesses for complete impact resistance protection in virtually any situation. With 31 standard case sizes and a variety of colours, a NANUK waterproof case can easily match your brand identity or company colours and be printed with your logo or product branding.

NANUK Cases Bespoke Features

PowerClaw Latch System

Designed to close your NANUK case safely using compressive force, the PowerClaw Latch prevents the case from opening during transit or when dropped. Your valuable items will remain safe with their hard-wearing construction regardless of where you are. 

Smooth Polyurethane Wheels

Polycarbonate wheels moulded with polyurethane are fitted to several Nanuk cases (including all long cases). With their stainless steel bearings, the wheels provide smooth, quiet mobility, enabling you to move heavy or bulky equipment across various terrains and in any weather.

Two-stage retractable handle

Several Nanuk cases, including the 935, 938, 950 and several larger models, come with a two-stage retractable handle that makes transporting equipment much effortless. Featuring a quick-release button for one-handed operation, this ergonomic telescopic handle can be adjusted to two different heights.

Stay-Open Lids

The Nanuk range of cases features a lid-stay integrated into the hinge so that the lid stays open when you need it to. One of the many innovative features of Nanuk cases.

Securely padlocked

Each Nanuk case is equipped with two hasps for padlocks, moulded directly into the case. Wheeled and long models are further reinforced with metal padlock holes. Frequent flyers can keep their items secure within the case with the TSA-approved combination padlock.

Ergonomic Soft-Grip Handle

Designed for maximum comfort and durability, every Nanuk case comes with a soft grip handle. It uses the same lightweight and indestructible resin as the hard case's body. The handle is coated with a soft, impact-resistant material and makes the case comfortable to carry.

Top & bottom panel mounting

For mounting panels, a solid inner lip is present in the lower half of all Nanuk cases (and the upper half of several models). A Nanuk case can be outfitted with a faceplate using this integrated bezel system without weakening its structure or compromising its water resistance.

Can be stacked

Make the most of your space during transit by stacking NANUK cases safely on top of each other. The rear of Nanuk cases is fitted with integrated feet, which interlock with the front of the case, enabling you to stack multiple cases of the same size.

A range of colours is available

The sheer variety of colour options available in the Nanuk range is one of its most distinctive features. There is a variety of up to 10 colours to choose from, such as orange, yellow, and lime, as well as shades that blend in, such as olive drab and graphite.

Α variety of sizes available

Various sizes and configurations are available for Nanuk cases. There's a Nanuk case for everything, from large bulky items to small equipment. All the 27 sizes within the NANUK case range can be purchased on our website and can be supplied empty or with a self-customising pick and pluck foam set. 

PottertonPacs are authorised distributors of NANUK cases and accessories, offering a wide range of official NANUK products to the UK. There's a reason why the NANUK brand is known to provide the world's best protective cases with a lifetime warranty.

Contact us today if you need a custom solution incorporated into a NANUK case.