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NANUK Professional Protective Hard Cases

Printed-Nanuk-920-with-Wurth-LogoOrange-Nanuk-Case-with-custom-cut-foam-insert-for-product-samplesPottertonPacs are authorised distributors of NANUK cases and accessories, offering a wide range of official NANUK products to the UK. All the 27 sizes within the NANUK case range can be purchased on our website and can be supplied empty or with self-customising pick and pluck foam set.

The NANUK protective case range is ‘light and mighty’, offering indestructibility and ideal for keeping industrial gear secure and safe from repeated drops, shocks and blows. The cases are specifically purpose-built to store all types of high value equipment, providing the utmost protection whilst transporting an item. You can protect industrial transport equipment, military grade machinery, deployment kits, communication systems, sensitive equipment, lifesaving medical devices, military supplies and so much more. You'll find a choice of small, medium, large, long and of course wheeled cases.

With a range of custom options, your NANUK protective case is sure to exceed your expectations. Including custom printing, labels, foam inserts or panels, enquire online today. Customisation services include custom foam inserts which can be either die cut, cnc routed or waterjet cut to create recesses to house and protect your products or equipment for total impact resistant protection in virtually any situation. The NANUK case range consists of 31 standard case size options and has a large range of colour options which allows a NANUK case to be easily matched to represent your brand identity or company colours and can be printed to display your logo or product branding.

Offering a fantastic amount of features, including waterproof grade IP67 rated, impact resistant NK-7 resin, reinforced metal padlock holes, soft grip handles, automatic pressure release valve and so much more!

There’s a reason why the NANUK brand is known to provide the world’s best protective cases with a lifetime warranty.