The Best Waterproof Protective Cases

Whether your industry involves you working outside or nearby to water, you’re going to need to take sufficient steps to protect your equipment from water damage. When equipment is invaluable or even expensive, a small amount of water can make the difference between your equipment remaining fully functional or failure due to damage from water.

With this in mind, you might like to consider investing in a waterproof protective case to protect your equipment from the odd splash of water or from being submerged in deep water. These protective cases not only protect your equipment from transport damage they also safeguard against water damage. Our waterproof protective cases can keep your equipment dry and protected, whatever the weather.

For equipment that you frequently rely upon, protection against all weather conditions can be an important factor, especially if the equipment is taken outside every so often. For example, if the protective bag is used by an employee who regularly has call outs to clients or customers, there is a chance of getting stuck in heavy rain from time to time, which could damage electrical equipment. Our protective bags protect against all types of weather, so you can be sure of your equipment working in full order each time.

In this article, we compare two of the best waterproof protective cases on the market and identify the benefits of each case.

Peli Cases

Peli cases offer total protection against any situation and are supplied with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee. With its waterproof structure, Peli cases are one of the preferred choices for waterproof protective cases.

They offer total protection in virtually any situation and are heavy-duty, crushproof and dustproof. The moulding surround in the case has been designed with every thought in mind, which is why the case is almost impossible to break and is known to be indestructible.

As an official authorised distributor of Peli ProtectTM Case, we stock a vast range of standard Peli protective cases and accessories. We also offer bespoke solutions with our fully customised foam interiors, which can either be die-cut, CNC routed or waterjet cut to comfortably store your products of equipment.

Take a look at our Waterproof Peli Cases.

Peli Storm Cases

In comparison to the Peli Protect cases, Peli Storm cases are very lightweight and have a much easier latch to open and close the case. One thing to be certain of is that both Peli Protect and Peli Storm cases provide exceptional levels of protection.

The Storm cases provide heavy-duty waterproof protection for the safest transportation of any delicate, expensive or sensitive equipment. The cases are resistant to any form of impact and are dent-resistant, shatter-resistant and airtight.

Peli Storm cases are tough, durable and ultimately impervious to any amount of water. No matter what equipment you’re looking to transport, you can be sure that it’s fully secure in a Peli Storm case. We stock a full range of sizes for practically any environment or industry, which is why our Peli Storm cases are favoured by audiovisual specialists, professional photographers, maintenance engineers, organisations in the military and the police force, who choose to protect their most valuable gear with the safe, secure and ATA compliant Storm cases.

Take a look at our Waterproof Peli Storm Cases.

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