Benefits of Foam Case Insert Packaging

dual colour grey and red foam insert for protective case

There are so many benefits to foam case insert packaging for businesses, so we have listed just a few below. Foam can be cut into all sorts of designs to fit each of your products perfectly, protecting them from scuffs, collision damage and breakages when in transit. If you’re interested in how PottertonPacs creates high-quality foam padding inserts for cases, check out our previous blogs. 

Foam inserts are designed specifically for your items and can offer so many benefits to your business. This includes reducing costs by preventing damage and improving visual appeal, as well as promoting a more efficient and professional packing process. Read on to find out why you could benefit from them.

Foam Case Insert Packaging Provides Fantastic Protection

Adding a foam packaging insert into a carton case or bag provides some of the best protection your items can get. Foam is ideal for absorbing shock and preventing movement, leaving the items inside in mint condition. Our soft yet sturdy polyether foam keeps everything from glass bottles safe to retail items and intricate tools safe and sounds when being transported. Protecting throughout transit, from production to their chosen destination, has to be the top benefit of foam case inserts.

Custom Design Stops Damage

If you truly want to protect an item and keep it safe, then you should choose custom cut foam inserts.  We will supply foam which isn’t custom cut that either you can customise and cut yourself or that will offer a compression fit.  However we would recommend that you do not leave opportunities for products to move as this type of internal movement of items increases the potential for damage or even breakage if there is a large enough impact or movement. So when you need total assurance that your products or equipment are protected we would always suggest custom cut foam , bespoke cut to your item’s specific dimensions because it is simply the best solution due to the level of protection it provides to items.  

A foam insert that has been cut to suit each individual product means the design will not only look good but keep each item even safe. 

Saves Businesses Money

At the end of the day, if you use foam inserts as a packaging solution when transporting items, this can have an impact on the amount of money your business spends. Packing inefficiently and using cases and foam inserts that are ill-fitting or not suitable for the conditions they will be exposed to, will mean more damages and broken items when transporting.

This means a loss as items never make it to sale or have to be replaced. There could also be other knock-on effects, such as critical equipment being damaged and causing delays to projects, or sample kit demo products being damaged which would diminish potential sales. Foam inserts on the other hand can reduce all these problematic scenarios and unnecessary costs, saving you extra expenses in the long run.

Makes Packaging Quicker

Packing and unpacking goods can be a lengthy process and can certainly be made quicker with foam inserts. Instead of carefully wrapping or arranging delicate items and carefully preparing them for transit, it is so quick to pack when using custom foam inserts, that are custom cut specifically to hold a set of products. Saving businesses time packing and unpacking is one small benefit that could have a surprisingly useful impact on your resources and costs.

Pair With Protective Cases for Extra Protection

To make foam inserts function at the optimum, they can be paired with a custom protective case. Correctly fitting foam pads within a bag or case will prevent the foam insert from shifting and ensures an extra layer of protection, so all of the products can be stored and transported safely. Hard outer cases, such as Peli, Storm or custom-built flight cases will offer maximum protection to impact and work fantastically to protect your products or equipment when paired with foam.

To find out more about the benefits of custom cut foam inserts for our cases and bags or packaging foam inserts and pads we can produce for you, simply get in touch today. You can also find out more on similar topics on our Resource Hub, to discover more ways to benefit your business.