CNC Foam Cutting– Why You Should Have Custom Foam Inserts Professionally Made

CNC Foam Cutting

When you need total assurance that your products or equipment are protected, custom-cut foam can be the best solution due to the level of protection it provides to objects in any environment.

Custom cut foam is made bespoke to your specific dimensions, this means your items will have precise and dedicated foam surrounding each part to ensure maximum protection whether they are sample products or key equipment. Foam inserts are cut to suit each individual product for a solution that not only keeps items safe and free of accidental damage but it also vastly improves your professional appearance when making presentations or demonstrations to existing customers or potential new clients.

In this guide, we talk through the benefits of custom-cut foam inserts and the benefits of using a professional custom CNC routed foam cutting service.

Benefits of Custom-Made CNC Foam Inserts

Increased Protection

Impact foam protection provides some of the best protection you can get, as it absorbs shock and prevents movement. Protecting your items whilst in transit to their intended destination is the top benefit of foam case inserts.

Low Risk of Damages

Using foam inserts as a packaging solution when transporting products can lead to fewer damages and broken items. This means you are much less likely to experience delays to projects or the need to replace items that would otherwise become damaged in transportation.

Saves Money

With less chance of items becoming damaged, the need to replace items is also significantly reduced when using custom-made foam inserts for protection.

Quicker to Package

Packing and unpacking goods, especially when fragile, can be somewhat time-consuming. Rather than carefully wrapping or arranging delicate items for transit, it is much quicker to use custom foam inserts that are cut specifically to hold your products.

Disadvantages of DIY Foam Cutting

Several ways and tools are at your disposal for DIY foam cutting. The most commonly used tools include bladed implements like hot knives, electric knives, and precision blades (like X-acto knives). Other examples include hot wire cutters and hot wire cutting tables.

The main disadvantage of manually operating such tools is that the way they are used and their variable speed will cause the foam insert to be uneven and not smooth. Also, this purely manual method is very time-consuming and laborious. In addition, the quality of the final product is also highly dependent on the skills and experience of the person cutting the foam.

Professionally Made CNC Foam Inserts

In contrast to DIY, a professional CNC foam cutting service uses state-of-the-art machinery combined with years of expertise in the industry that allows it to produce the highest quality products time and time again. The speed, precision and efficiency of a CNC routing machine ensures that the quality of custom-made foam inserts is never compromised. Fully computerised processes allow for more intricate design details for large-scale production.

CNC foam cutting, sometimes known as routing or computer-aided cutting, is a type of foam cutting method used to create foam inserts for a range of our industrial packaging, storage and presentation solutions.

CNC foam cutting gives you perfect custom foam inserts that you can’t achieve in any other way.

Alongside CNC cutting, we use a range of cutting techniques to ensure the most precise level of cutting. These methods include CNC routing, waterjet and die cutting, all with completely different processes and machinery involved.

As leading foam converters, we specialise in providing bespoke cut foam and have extensive experience in using CNC machinery such as Waterjets and Routers.

Custom CNC Foam Cutting At PottertonPacs

Protecting your equipment is our priority, and it’s important to everyone, no matter your field. Whether you work in IT, sales, medical or mechanical industries, high-quality foam padding will be incredibly useful to protect your expensive products and equipment.

We take pride in our ability to design, manufacture and supply both high-quality foam inserts for use in protective cases and padded bags, as well as custom foam inners for cases or bags to house sample products for sales representatives to use at sales presentations or as demo kits. We specialise in CNC routing, water jet and die cutting of bespoke foam pad inserts, shadow tool control and polystyrene for protective packaging or POS display.

Want to learn more about custom cut foam options and service, then more information can be found in our Guide to Custom Cut Foam.

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