How CNC Foam Cutting Gives You Perfect Custom Foam Inserts

CNC foam cutting is sometimes referred to as laser cutting, precision cutting or computer aided cutting. This type of foam cutting is used to create foam inserts for a range of our industrial packaging solutions.  As leading foam converters we specialize in providing bespoke cut foam, we are experienced in using CNC machinery such as Waterjets, Routers and Laser cutters.

What Type Of Foam Is Used?

Many of custom cut foam inserts are typically manufactured from polyethylene foam (PE foam or PEF). One of the types of foam we commonly use is known in the industry as Plastazote foam; it’s ‘laser friendly’, highly versatile and easy to cut or engrave. 

Polyethylene foam, compared to other foams, is a highly durable and flexible material – making it perfect for custom cutting for the safe transportation of numerous different products and industries where a more robust custom foam insert is required to keep items protected and organised. 

Polyethylene foam is not the only type of foam we are able to supply, we are leading suppliers of a whole  range of different types of foam with different cutting services available to cut your foam requirement to size and shape depending on the desired use of the foam. For example foam pads, end caps or gaskets, foam inserts for protective or presentation packaging within cases, boxes or trays, promotional foam lettering, tool control drawer liners etc. 

What Machinery Is Used To Cut The Foam?

To cut the foam, we use a range of cutting techniques, including CNC routing, waterjet and laser, all with  completely different processes and machinery involved.We use this type of high tech machinery across all our bespoke products to ensure the most precise cutting. We guarantee our customers the highest quality products every time, carry on reading to find out how we do it. 

For alternative types of foam, we use different machinery which include a waterjet cutter, profiler and die cutting press.

Why Use a Custom Cut Foam Insert?

Custom designs and CNC cut foam inserts are ideal for organising and storing industrial tools, medical instruments, promotional items, awards and any objects you would like to display in a professional manner.

They are not only great for displaying and promoting items, they are the perfect solution to safely storing and transporting. The precision design allows the foam to fit precisely around the item, meaning there is no movement for breakages.

Step 1. Product design & specification.

Before we can begin the design of the foam insert for a case, the first decision is to decide on the hard case we are going to use. No matter what kind of item you’re looking to keep safe, whether its a personal item or a business asset, it’s imperative that you have a protective packaging or transit solution that you can rely on. Thanks to the wide array of sizes and product types available on today’s market, there is now a waterproof hard case for every occasion.

Once you’ve decided on the hard case solution that’s right for you, we start by arranging the sample products, instruments or equipment inside the case. This allows the designer to understand the positioning of the items and how they fit together.

Next, the design team take a picture of the arranged items (inside the empty case) and the proposed layout is supplied for customer approval as this photo will act as a guide for the programmer to creating to relevant programme for custom cutting the foam.

Step 2. Programming, cutting or routing the foam

Once the layout is approved and a programme created within the relevant software, the file is sent to the machine which will be pre-loaded with the chosen foam sheet for the manufacturing to begin.  Once the cutting process is complete with CNC routing there is little need for any further work on the custom routed foam inserts and for waterjet cut foam, we simply remove the shapes out of the sheet completely or remove the cut outs, reduce the depth and place them back in the foam pad giving a recessed outline of each item. 

Step 3. Assembly

This foam insert once cut is then inserted into the chosen hard case and thoroughly checked to ensure it fits both the case and holds the items correctly.  

We offer complete customisation of the foam. Whether you want to include tailored jack cables to charge your products whilst on display within your case, or simply change the colour of the foam. These customisable options guarantee a consistent, stylish, presentable look to fit with your corporate image.

Precise and Professional 

Our state of the art machinery, combined with over 100 years of expertise in the industry allows us to produce the highest quality products time and time again. The speed, precision and efficiency of the CNC machines means we never compromise on quality. These fully computerised processes mean that there is no room for human error, allowing more intricate detail on large scale production. 

We pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers of protective presentation cases, padded soft bags, custom protective covers and other heavy duty equipment transit, presentation or storage solutions for a wide range of industries. If you have any questions or want to enquire about a custom product, please get in touch today.