Our Top 5 Customisation Options For Your Custom Padded Bag

branded small custom padded bag to hold microscope

Searching for a padded bag to store your equipment? You’ve come to the right place. However, you will want to make sure your bag can be customised to safely and securely protect your products and that it suits its intended purpose, otherwise you may find it doesn’t protect it as much as you hoped.

At Potterton Pacs, we are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of protective presentation cases and custom padded bags, so we work alongside you to design a fully bespoke solution to suit your exact requirements. Our designers will then create the solution best suited to you.

So that you know what to expect, we have listed the top five customisation options when purchasing your custom padded bags with Potterton Pacs.

  1. Different colour options

We stock six standard material colours, including black, navy, royal blue, green, red and grey. We can also offer different custom colours on larger quantity orders if you require a bulk order for your organisation. 

Most of our custom padded bags come with black webbing handles to make it easier for transportation, but we can have this webbing supplied in different colours also if this helps match your company branding and colours.

  1. Branding

The most popular branding choice is screen printing as this is printed directly onto the material, which can be perfect for logos and company names. As there are many set-up costs involved with screen printing, this usually isn’t the most cost-effective option if you require a smaller quantity of orders. 

For smaller orders or more detailed prints, we offer digitally printed PVC labels which are then stitched onto the side of the bags. This works out more cost-effective for smaller quantity orders. Embroidered logos are another service we can provide and are very popular on bags. Of course, the cheapest option we offer is to have a clear pocket stitched to the side of the bag – with this option, you are able to print off your own graphics at home or from your own office, to then slide into the clear label window.

  1. Custom foam interior or extra foam padding

We can provide custom foam with cut-outs to suit specific items and tools. This is perfect if you (or your employees) carry around a range of tools or products and need a solution to store each item within your bag, without them moving around. If you require the bag to have extra padding, we can sandwich foam in between two pieces of material so the walls of the bag are padded.

  1. Telescopic handle and wheels

Need to transport your padded bag from one location to another? With an option to have a telescopic handle and wheels, carrying around your bag becomes very simple and effortless. We can fit telescopic handles and wheels to most bags which is ideal if you are frequently visiting clients or multiple locations with the padded bag.

  1. Side pockets and internal dividers

We can accommodate most external pockets and internal dividers required. The pockets are usually for extra items and the dividers are to stop samples scratching and bumping against each other.  

How can PottertonPacs help?

With one of the broadest ranges of bespoke interior solutions on the market, we are confident we will be able to propose a custom padded bag to suit your needs. 

We pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers. We provide expertly made custom padded bags as well as sample presentation and protective transit equipment cases for a wide range of industries.

If you’d like to talk to our experienced team regarding your custom padded bag options that could offer a solution to your requirement, we would be happy to answer any of your questions or recommend a possible solution for your consideration. Get in contact or call us on 0116 276 7562 with any queries or concerns you may have. 

Get started on protecting your products or equipment today!