How Can You Customise Your Flight Case?

Customise Your Flight Case

Flight cases are ideal for transporting heavy loads and valuable items or equipment that require a high level of protection to prevent accidental damage from occurring. There is no denying that baggage handlers are often in a hurry and don’t always take care of the equipment they carry, regardless of whether it says FRAGILE – handle with care.”

Flight cases are an indispensable addition to your shipping & transporting essentials, as they guarantee your valuables remain safe during transit. They offer excellent protection in any environment because they are meticulously engineered and rigorously tested to ensure they provide the strongest possible resistance to vibration, shock, and impact. Most importantly, they come in virtually any shape and size, and are made of high-quality materials with the possibility to apply your branding or company logo to both inside and/or outside the case.

Why Choose A Custom Flight Case?

Due to their flexibility, custom flight cases can be used in a wide range of situations. Their customisation allows them to provide several advantages over “off-the-shelf” protective cases since they can be made to your exact specifications.

Here are some key reasons why investing in a custom flight case is worth the effort:

  • They are custom-made to suit each individual customer’s needs.

The items you will be shipping may have unique shapes. Attempting to fit them into a regular case can be difficult, increasing the possibility of damage to your items. Custom flight cases solve this problem because they are designed specifically for the items you are bringing. By choosing a case designed specifically for your items, you will no longer have to worry about trying to awkwardly fit them into a case that is not fit or suitable for your purpose.

  • You can choose the levels of protection you require for your items.

Many things can happen during the shipping process, and it is essential to ensure the safety and security of your belongings during their journey. You can rest assured that your belongings will be protected in a custom flight case during the entire trip, as it is built to be durable and robust.

  • You can achieve unique customisations and bespoke designs.

Functionality is, of course, the top priority when it comes to flight cases. However, your flight case can also be customised to meet your specific tastes and made uniquely attractive. In addition, determining how your case looks offers more benefits than just aesthetics. By choosing the style of your custom flight case, you and potentially your clients also will be able to quickly identify you and your products even in the busiest of locations. As a result, you won’t need to bother with the headache of searching through dozens of cases to find your own, making the experience less stressful.

  • They are made to withstand shock and impact damage, thanks to their robust design.

Custom flight cases are designed to be shock and impact-resistant, making them an ideal choice for when a heavy-duty protective case is required. You can be assured that a custom flight case will meet the level of protection you need to ensure the safe transportation of your valuable items.

  • Custom flight cases are a tried and tested solution.

Why settle for an off-the-shelf solution that may or may not be able to match your criteria and safety standards? With custom flight cases, you get exactly what you require and a flight case tailored to your exact requirements and specifications. Custom flight cases are one of the few cases suitable for offering protection in the hold of an aircraft  – commonly referred to as ATA (Air Transport Association) compliant – and will allow you to rest easy knowing that your items will always be secure during transportation.

Flight Case Customisation Features

Flight cases can be used for a wide range of applications and can reduce the risk of damage to even the most sensitive equipment. Their hard-wearing exteriors are renowned for their durability, and their riveting patterns reinforce their strength on every corner.

Here are some of the options available to you when choosing how to customise your flight case:

  • Fully Customisable Exterior Features

You can specify the type and style of your flight cases depending on the size; a wide range of options is available, from large road trunks to briefcase style options. You can choose numerous customisation options such as catches, handles, and other fittings to add, including wheels or castors.

You can also add a telescopic handle for ease of transportation. Various panel options are available to choose from, such as lightweight or heavy duty, flat or textured surfaces. Some panel options offer a choice of different colour options for you to choose from. There is even an option for your custom flight case to be supplied with a drop-down ramp or lift of lid to assist in loading heavy items.

  • Fully Customisable Interior

Whatever your choice of case, you can customise its interior further with engineered custom foam inserts that will ensure your items are perfectly fitted into the case for safe and secure transit. CNC routed, waterjet or foam lining options are available, creating the optimum level of product protection against mishandling.

Fixed or movable internal dividers ensure the available space inside the flight case is distributed according to your needs, meaning that no space is wasted during shipping. This can significantly reduce the overall cost of shipping items in bulk. Other options to take full advantage of your case’s interior space include removable trays or shelves and internal drawers for when you have to take out specific items from your flight case without having to displace things you don’t need.

  • Bespoke Branding Options

There are numerous options available regarding the appearance of your custom flight case. CNC Routing can create your logo or design in perfect dimensions and with clean edges on the hexaboard surface of the flight case. With CNC routing (Computer Numerical Control), even hard materials are cut precisely and accurately, providing you with a stunning design of your choice without compromising the protective qualities of your flight case.

You can further reinforce your corporate colour identity and raise brand awareness as the frames and panels bearing your logo can be made to match your company’s colours. Foam branding options are also available, logos and designs of your choice that are applied onto the face of the protective internal foam, ensuring a top-level presentation quality and raising product identity for the transported items.

Upgrade Your Flight Case Today

At PottertonPacs, we are leading suppliers of custom flight cases in the UK. Our bespoke flight cases will transport your valuable equipment safely and securely. The flight cases we design and build are all ATA-compliant, from heavy-duty transit cases to lightweight equipment display stands.

Valuable experience gained from working within a wide range of industries for many years has enabled us to develop numerous product solutions for countless satisfied customers. It is crucial for us to provide bespoke custom flight cases of the highest quality to ensure your items travel safely and securely to their destination. All of our products are made to extremely high and demanding standards, ensuring that you receive an exceptional product solution every time. Contact us today to discuss a solution suitable for your needs.