Plastazote Foam: What Is It And Why You Should Use It

custom cut protective plastazote inserts in various colours options

Plastazote foams are known for their superior quality and lighter weight. It is a brand name initially manufactured by Zotefoam, and it has quickly become a well-known name across the industry with similar brands.

If you’ve heard of plastazote foam before, you’ll know how reliable, durable and versatile the foam material is. If you haven’t, keep reading to discover the benefits and wide range of applications it offers in thousands of industries worldwide.

In this article, we will talk through the primary applications of plastazote, how it is used and why you should use it to protect your products or equipment.

What is Plastazote foam?

Plastazote is a type of foam renowned for its highly protective properties and is considered a top favourite for durable packaging applications.

It is extremely easy to design, shape and resize using CNC routing and CAD (Computer-Aided-Design), making it suitable for packaging protection and case inserts. As a material, plastazote is manufactured from nitrogen cells supported within polyethylene – nitrogen is blown into the polyethylene before it expands to maximise the protective features.

The material begins to soften at low temperatures, making it easy to mould without high temperatures using compression or vacuum moulding, known as foam conversion services. It can be heat moulded (between 85 – 140 °C) to conform to any shape. With its ability to be easily heat moulded, there are even more uses for plastazote to suit various requirements and needs.

What is Plastazote Used For?

Due to its waterproof and high durability nature, plastazote is used in various industries worldwide, including the medical, electronics, military, retail and sports industries.

Some of the most popular applications are listed below:

  • Plastazote is often used for cushion packaging as a protective custom foam insert due to its supportive properties. It is also waterproof and one of the most suitable materials for protective packaging, especially for electronics that require protection from liquids during transportation.
  • Within the medical industry, plastazote is used for protecting medical devices, medical equipment and surgical instruments. The material can be easily cleaned and disinfected, making it a popular choice by millions of medical professionals worldwide.
  • Due to its high durability and waterproof nature, it is often used in swimming pools for swimming floats and pool toys, as well as in more extreme conditions in the form of surfboards, buoyancy aids and waterslide mats.
  • With the foam being water-repellent and easy to clean, plastazote is commonly used in gym exercise mats, with the material available in a range of colours and densities.
  • Plastazote is also used for lining sports trainers and helmets, with its maximum support and high-impact threshold.

At PottertonPacs, we use plastazote as foam inserts for many of our equipment cases. The foam can be bonded very easily to fabrics, plastics, and metals. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the various applications of plastazote and why it might be the ideal solution for you.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Plastazote?

There’s no surprise that plastazote is so widely used with the great extent of benefits the material possesses.

Here you can find a summary of the main benefits of using plastazote:

Easy to form and shape.

Many different purposes can be met with plastazote due to its flexibility and versatility, and its ease of cutting, forming, and shaping have made it suitable for many different applications.

Easy to clean

Plastazote is exceptionally easy to clean and disinfect, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of medical and healthcare applications as well as training or fitness programs.


Water-repellent and buoyant, plastizote can withstand any weather condition. Its excellent impact-absorbing properties ensure that any equipment protected by plastazote is safe from water damage.

High durability

Due to the material’s high durability and hardness, it can withstand considerable wear, pressure, and damage. It is sometimes able to withstand chemicals as well since it is chemically resistant and stable.

Variety of choices

Plastazone is an artificial material that can be customised to suit a variety of needs and requirements. Plastazote’s wide range of high-performance options and densities make it ideally suited to protecting a wide range of products and equipment.

Multiple uses

Plastazote is a versatile, durable, and easy-to-form material. It is a closed-cell foam that prevents liquids and gases from easily penetrating, making it non-toxic and safe for handling across a wide range of uses and applications.


Plastazote’s primary benefit is its protective nature, which is why it is used in packaging inserts. Additionally, it offers excellent thermal insulation against warmer and colder temperatures.

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