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Drinks tend to define the contours of social and professional gatherings alike, whether during a dinner party, a celebration, or a night out with friends. In light of how lucrative the beverage industry is (967 billion in 2016 – estimated to reach 1.6 trillion by 2025), it should not be surprising that many companies strive to draw attention to their new product and succeed.

An effective beverage marketing strategy is essential to achieving this goal. Being able to offer a product that tastes good and is enjoyed by customers is crucial for success in this cut-throat and highly competitive sector; however, the success of your product depends on a number of additional factors, and bespoke premium drinks packaging is critical among them.

Havanna Club Orange Flight Cases Why is Custom Drinks Packaging Important

Almost everything these days seems to be customised, from the advertising we see online to the apps we download to our smartphones. Whether it is a GPS device or detailed demographic data, the instant availability of information enables us to develop products specifically tailored to our needs.

Drinks packaging is no different. Having a deeper understanding of market requirements and consumer desires enables drinks packaging to be customised accordingly. Establishing instant brand recognition is crucial to stand out from the competition, and customers may return for more if the first impression is uniquely pleasing. Personalised premium drinks packaging offers this advantage.

Custom Packaging

According to the saying, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but plenty of consumers judge a product by its packaging. The differentiation between brands would be minimal if all products were packaged identically to one another because customers would find it difficult to understand what makes each product unique. Through packaging customisation, companies can achieve innovative results that maximise the benefits of their products and appeal visually to consumers.

The use of custom packaging can also reduce overall waste by eliminating excess material because it is matched to the contents and size of the product. Moreover, custom packaging will work long into the future and can be re-used multiple times due to the material’s durability and efficiency.

As well as providing effective barriers and moisture prevention, custom packaging can also protect contents from the elements and other factors that can damage them.

Flight Cases with foam for Drink Sample PromotionHow Can Premium Drinks Packaging Benefit Your Brand

When it comes to grabbing your potential customer’s attention, bespoke packaging is essential. It is not only the first line of defence in protecting your product but also the first thing the customer handles when receiving the product or pulling it directly from the shelves.

You may find that packaging is what separates you from your competitors when you have a product in a highly competitive industry, such as the drinks industry. The following are just a few of the benefits of custom packaging.

Enhances the customer experience

It is imperative that every aspect of the product serves the customer, even the packaging. Your product will stand out from the sea of boring boxes if you have packaging that stands out and sends the right message. When customers pick up a product packaged in the right way, they feel a sense of exclusivity. No matter how good the product inside may be, nobody goes home satisfied if the packaging says otherwise.

Showcases the brand

Branding is crucial for creating a sense of security for customers, and this is particularly important in the drinks industry as you want your brand to be front and centre on your packaging. A brand’s culture can be captured successfully by premium packaging manufactured with the proper attention to detail. When customers see your brand, they will feel secure, and repeat buyers will know exactly where to find your product again.

nanuk-935-case-carry-on-case-for-3-wine-bottles-in-silverEnsures that your product is protected

Having an oddly shaped or fragile product, such as premium drinks bottles, accompanying glasses, or cocktail equipment, can be a hassle to deal with during shipping. Custom packaging provides the benefit of knowing the exact specifications of your package, thereby ensuring its safety during transit. 

Using the latest cutting-edge laser technology, bespoke personalised foam inserts can be used to fit various items that support your marketing campaign or special product sales. These foam inserts can be further personalised to match your brand’s colours and even carry your logo. Created to your exact specifications and dimensions, you can rest assured that your drink products will reach the customer in pristine condition and also serve to impress and amaze during the unboxing process. 

Strengthens your Social Media Marketing Strategies

The importance of premium drinks packaging to social media marketing cannot be overstated. Engaging your customers in your brand’s story even before your product physically reaches them is a good and direct way of keeping them informed about your brand. Users love to click on images and videos of things such as drinks that are appealing both in a social and a consuming sense. 

The content you post on social media featuring your drink products in their bespoke premium packaging encourages your followers and potential customers to try them. Additionally, it increases the chances that they will share, tag, and promote your drinks if they are amazed at their appearance. Therefore, using premium drinks packaging through social media can be a hassle-free way to promote your business.

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