Enhance Your Corporate Gifts Packaging With Custom Foam Inserts

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An unforgettable unboxing experience is a crucial part of corporate gift-giving.


A corporate gift is an excellent way to thank, celebrate, and welcome those who make your business succeed. Many companies have turned to corporate gift boxes and gift sets to welcome new employees, motivate and encourage teams, and ring in the holiday season with clients. Business traditions like these tell a lot about a company’s commitment to its stakeholders.


Furthermore, if you provide your stakeholders with happiness, a sense of surprise, and a feeling of belonging, they will never forget their importance. As well as reflecting your brand’s mission and values, corporate gifts can also tell your company’s story. The best part? Indirectly, it also affects your business. As reported in the 2020 Business Gifting Report, 68% of those who received a “memorable” gift box or basket felt their relationship with the firm was strengthened.


Why Bespoke Packaging For Your Corporate Gifts Is Important. 


Several factors influence how well your clients and employees receive your gift. The gifts you select, the manner in which they are to be delivered to your client or employee, and of course, the packaging. It is crucial to ensure that your packaging is of high quality and looks premium to make the best first impression on the recipient. 


In the highly competitive festive gift-giving season, when corporate gifting is so reliant on beautiful, on-brand packaging to delight and impress the recipient, any misstep in the presentation of your branded gifts can undo years of hard work with brand building.


While many will stick with the tried and trusted seasonal packaging formats, bespoke custom packaging for your corporate gifts can be an excellent opportunity for your brand to do something different to ensure it stands out amidst all the noise. 


Furthermore, corporate gift-giving is not limited to Christmas; brand launches, store openings and social media influencer campaigns are all perfect opportunities to put your best foot forward and show your products off. 


Enhance Your Corporate Gift Packaging with Custom Foam Inserts


Almost any promotional pack or gift set can be enhanced and protected with foam inserts. When using Plastazote or alternative types of foam inserts in your Christmas packaging, you can achieve a number of significant advantages and ensure an exceptional unpacking experience for the recipients.


  • Custom Foam Inserts are available in many colours


A product’s market success is primarily determined by its ability to grab attention. That is why Christmas gift packaging is characterised by a mixture of seasonal colours, vibrant hues, and eye-catching designs, which are often incorporated into the inserts inside the packages as well.


Most people imagine packaging foam as only being available in black or white, but Plastazote and selected other foam options come in a wide range of colours. Even though it cannot be matched to specific tones or colour references, foam can be layered to create eye-catching and visually unique designs that are bound to impress.


  • Foam Inserts can carry branding.


Laser cutting can be used to brand foam, which is available in a wide range of colours. With the help of advanced CNC Routing and water jet cutting technology, your gift box foam can be customised to include logos or branding, depending on your specific needs.


By matching your company’s colour scheme with custom foam inserts bearing your logo, you can further reinforce your company’s corporate identity and raise brand awareness with your key customers, staff and stakeholders. Your choice of logos and designs can be applied on the surface of the protective internal foam to ensure a top-level presentation and to raise product recognition.  


  • Fully Customisable Options


Whatever your choice of case, you can fully customise the custom foam inserts that will hold your corporate gifts, ensuring the items are perfectly fitted into their containers for safe and secure transit. CNC routed, waterjet or foam lining options are available, creating the optimum level of product protection against mishandling. 


Foam inserts also ensure that your gift set’s available space is distributed according to your needs, so no space is wasted during shipping. By doing this, bulk shipping costs can be significantly reduced. 


  • Ensured protection of your corporate gifts 


Using foam inserts will ensure that your products are protected to the highest degree. In addition to protection from impact, vibration, and mishandling on the way to the retail outlet, it also includes protection when your clients or associates take your seasonal gifts home.


As well as protecting against surface marring and blemishes, foam also protects against scratches. This feature can significantly benefit high-end luxury products, such as fragrances, home scents or high-value spirits In terms of performance, foam outperforms corrugated cardboard and other similar materials. Moreover, the nature of the material and its protective qualities makes it ideal for bespoke drinks packaging. 


  • Reputation cost associated with damaged items is minimised.


Besides protecting your products, presentation foam also helps reduce the risks that are associated with your business’ reputation. Essentially, the chances that items are damaged (even just aesthetically) during transit are reduced, which in turn helps to avoid disappointment and dissatisfaction from the recipient.


It is important to note that minimising damage to the items sent as gifts aids in the development of customer loyalty (your brand is perceived as trustworthy and of higher quality) and assists in the development of repeat sales (thereby facilitating future sales).

  • Almost any packaging can benefit from custom foam inserts.

Foam inserts are incredibly versatile in the sense that they can be incorporated into pretty much any kind of packaging.


In addition to the typical solid board and corrugated cardboard packs that you are likely to see in typical retail environments, foam is also suitable for use in custom carry or protective transportation cases or lightweight plastic cases. As a result of its versatility, you can also use it to ensure brand consistency if, for example, you sell your products in a variety of packaging options.

Taking it all into account.


This holiday season, should custom foam inserts be considered as a packaging option for corporate gifts? A resounding yes is the answer!


Even though foam is not an optimal choice for all markets and products, it can provide your brand with a unique point of differentiation, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance the retail gift set packaging and products you offer.


Contact us to find out more about the various options available for the ideal packaging for your seasonal corporate gifts, what volume you need, and how custom foam inserts can help your business.


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