Top Packaging Solutions That Upgrade Your Day-To-Day Business

Business packaging insert

It’s easy to underestimate how important protective packaging is for your day-to-day business. Customised packaging design and high-quality inserts from polystyrene or foam added to your case will give you the peace of mind you need when you store or transfer your equipment or samples. 

Specifically designed for your items, inserts reduce costs from damages and give an unparalleled aesthetic that represents your brand.

At PottertonPacs, we are experts in packaging solutions. No matter how complex the challenge,our engineering team evaluates your specific transit needs and develops a top-notch design for your items. Read on to find out how our first-rate packaging can elevate your business.

Bespoke packaging design

If you truly want to protect your items and keep them safe, then custom cut foam inserts are the way to go. Offering protection in transit from both shock and vibration, packaging reduces the costs to your business associated with returns and damaged products. Whether you choose to modify existing packaging or whether you want to create something new for your company, packaging done right tells a fascinating tale about the aesthetic of the brand. 

At PottertonPacs the pre-production design process starts with identifying the best product for your packaging. As protection and design go hand in hand and can have a significant positive impact on your company’s profitability, we work with you to create the design that meets all your requirements. 

Supreme packaging from foam

For durability and resiliency, foam stands out. Soft yet sturdy, foam is ideal for absorbing shock, preventing movement and keeping everything safe. It is perfect for everything from glass bottles to valuable retail items and construction tools. With limitless possibilities, the benefits of manufacturing packaging with foam include: 

  • Cost-efficient price
  • Excellent impact resistance & vibration protection
  • Environmentally-friendly solution

Whether for impact protection or orderly transport, foam lends itself to a high-quality presentation that reflects the quality of the equipment and appropriate care. We create unique packaging, combining different colours, corporate logos, coded recesses and the best foam products. At PottertonPacs we use superb foam materials for your packaging:

  • Chemically Blown Block: A great option if you need thermal insulation, shock absorption, fluid & harsh chemicals resistance. 
  • Ethafoam, Stratocell, Polylam: An economical, flexible choice with anti-static capacity and shock persistence.
  • Polyurethane & Polyether: A low cost, high resilient open cell flexible foam with anti-static formulations, if needed.
  • Plastazote & Evazote: A water-repellent, chemical and temperature resistance with a high degree of fineness and density.

Customised solutions for every industry

Foam can be cut into all sorts of designs to fit each of your products perfectly, protecting them from scuffs, collision damage and breakages when in transit. The variety of opportunities for designing and producing bespoke foam protection are considerable:

  • Equipment assurance
  • Protection of delicate equipment
  • Point of Sale display packaging
  • Unusually shaped equipment

If you are carrying your tools to your clients, providing or visiting customers with samples, you’ll need to present them with a professional solution that protects them during transportation, and of course, keeps them safely together. That’s why we have gathered a few examples of industries where protective packaging is more than essential.

Subscription Business

As a subscription box company, you need a package provider who can meet your budget, 

aesthetic, branding requirements, and order volume. At PottertonPacs we have worked tirelessly with our partners in e-commerce, turning ideas into tangible products, and tailoring packaging with polystyrene inserts or custom cut foam inserts to protect the most valuable products.

F&B Industry 

If you are an F&B professional you may find it challenging to transport and store your products safely. Luckily a custom made insert from polystyrene foam is just the solution. Made with hot-wire cutting which allows you to mass-produce packaging, is the economic solution to protect sophisticated food and fragile glass bottles.  

Beauty & cosmetics

Presenting your products to your client is the most important part of your job. Having branded, protective cases that will help you present your products in the most memorable way is essential. A case with a foam insert will not only protect the packaged goods from damage, but it will also have an attractive packaging design to fully enhance the value of your products.


Tool kits carry crucial pieces of equipment or  high-value equipment that needs to be kept safe to ensure total working conditions when travelling from one location to another. Plastic cases offer an economical and hard-wearing solution to transporting equipment while Custom Made Tool Cases with routed plastazote and foam interiors with custom cutouts are ideal for specialists who need the highest quality to ensure safety within a harsh industrial environment.


Medical supplies are far too precious to risk being destroyed while being transported to consumers. With medical equipment or supplies it is never more critical that your goods will arrive in good condition. Custom cut foam that securely fits your products ensures your products or equipment is totally protected. See our selection of Medical cases to choose the one that suits you best.

Customisable cases with tailor-made protective packaging

At PottertonPacs we are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of bespoke cases, and display packaging. Specialising in CNC routing, press die-cutting, and water cutting we create custom foam inserts, pads and sheets for all the items you want to protect. 

Browse our collection of cases, and if you have any questions about packaging or wish to discuss a bespoke foam design, contact PottertonPacs on 0116 276 7562 or simply fill the contact form and one of our experts will contact you.