How To Deliver The Perfect Sales Presentation

A Man Presenting in a Sales Presentation

If you have an upcoming sales presentation, whether it be big or small, you’ll want to make sure you deliver the presentation perfectly. A well-executed, customer-centric, and data-driven sales presentation is the best way of convincing an audience that they really need your product.

People buy from people, so it isn’t just about the product you sell, but it’s about the way you present yourself and how others perceive you and your company.

We’ve listed some of our most trusted tips in delivering the best perfect sales presentation, so you have the best chance of winning over your audience.

First impressions count

The way we look really does make a massive difference in our confidence, and when we look the part, we sure do feel the part too. For this reason, you’ll want to dress the part and look presentable. Wear something smart and comfortable, that expresses you and your company best.

If you decide to take a product or paperwork to your presentation, you’ll want to ensure that you have a professional presentation case to contain these items, as well as business cards which you can hand out after your presentation. At PottertonPacs, we stock a range of cases for a multitude of industries, with customisable foam inserts to protect your product and equipment.

Tailor your presentation to your audience

When pitching a product to an audience, it’s critical to tailor your presentation. For this reason, it’s worth researching the demographics of your audience, relating to their gender, job role, industry, age, location and potentially their interests or general requirements. 

At one time or another, we’ve all witnessed a salesperson pitch their product, whilst throughout the entire presentation, we’re wondering how the product would benefit us. Rather than repeating your presentation to every group of people you meet, tailoring the presentation can really go that extra mile to engaging your audience and setting the picture of them using your product. 

Think about how your audience could use your product, by engaging with them and using real-life examples based on their industry needs and requirements by identifying their pain points. Other engaging methods include asking questions, for example, “Have you ever experienced issues with…? If so, raise your hand.” These questions allow you to relate your answers back to your product and engages your audience by involving them.

Be factual

Facts tell a story in itself, so sharing factual information and statistics is a valuable way of proving to your customers that your product works, rather than sharing factual information through words or basic numbers.

You should opt for visuals that resonate with your audience more. Interactive visuals are an easy way for your audience to visualise the factual aspects behind your product, as well as what makes it work so well.

Share real-life experiences

Presenting your product is one thing, but sharing real-life experiences that add personality is a great way of making your product come to life. These experiences could be sharing interesting stories of the production stages, humorous stories or even experiences your customers have had using the product.

Be enthusiastic and passionate

Whether your presentation is five minutes, thirty or even an hour, the way you present your sales pitch will be very telling to your audience. If you aren’t passionate or enthusiastic, your audience is more than likely to notice your lack of interest in the product.

However, if you are passionate about what you do and truly believe in the product you’re pitching, your enthusiasm will shine through your delivery. This enthusiasm is contagious and engaging for an audience, so it doesn’t hurt to be excited about the product.

A great way of adding enthusiasm to your sales pitch is to focus on the pace of your voice. Whilst your pace shouldn’t be a distraction from your overall presentation


Make sure that the speed of your delivery is easy to follow. If you speak too quickly or too slowly your audience will have difficulty following your talk. To add life to your presentation, try changing the pace of your delivery. A slightly faster section might convey enthusiasm. A slightly slower one might add emphasis or caution.

Keep it short, but sweet

One mistake people make when presenting is overloading their audience with as much information as possible. It’s important to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about your product, but providing every bit of information about your product is going to lose the interest of your prospects.

A general rule of thumb is to present only the key information, then stop. This engages your audience without providing too much information and will leave your audience intrigued and wanting to find out more.

How can Potterton Pacs help?

At PottertonPacs, we design a range of bespoke cases and bags for many industries throughout the UK, including presentation cases which are used for many product sales pitches. With one of the broadest ranges of bespoke interior solutions on the market, PottertonPacs are confident we will be able to propose a custom interior solution to suit your needs. We also offer custom fabricated, stitched, moulded and fabricated interior solutions too.

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