A Guide To Protecting Your Products In Transit

peli protective transit case

No matter your industry, you’ll likely rely heavily on your tools, equipment or product samples to get the job done. It’s important that you take the proper precautions to ensure that your goods are protected from movement.

Each year, products damaged in transit account for millions of pounds worth of stock lost by businesses. Whether you’re shipping products in bulk or carrying a standalone product of significant value, using various methods to protect your products in transit is important.

Protective Cases

Products in transit are susceptible to damage if not packaged properly. When movement and knocks are inevitable, having protective measures in place to protect your products is critical.

A protective case in the form of a plastic case has the benefit of being robust, low-maintenance and completely customisable. Plastic cases are ideal for the safe packaging, storage or transit of your products, making them versatile in most environments.

Plastic cases are also far easier to transport compared to other cases as they are lightweight but durable, making them the perfect low-cost protective case solution for when you’re on the go.

Custom-Cut Foam

Customising a plastic case with protective foam inserts will not only transform the appearance of a plastic case but also offers maximum protection in transit. This makes it ideal for carrying expensive, delicate equipment and transporting it from one destination to another.

Protective foam inserts offer impact protection to help your products survive inevitable shocks and knocks. Custom cut foam separates and cushions each item, stopping them colliding and moving around, therefore preventing scuffs, marks and breakages. This means that, instead of your products taking on the impact, the foam absorbs bumps and shocks to keep your products intact.

Foam inserts are the perfect solution if you need something that is rigid enough to hold the equipment yet soft enough to cushion it against impact. As foam can be custom cut so it is the perfect solution for protecting all types of products.

Buckles, Fastenings and Latches

As you would expect, you should be extremely cautious with how your protective case is closed, particularly if your products are high in value or fragile.

A protective plastic case and interior foam are also fantastic solutions for protecting products in transit. However, if you wish to add an additional layer of protection, you’ll need to choose between buckles, fastenings and latches that will provide protection and security.

Our Cases 

The SPI Cases & Excellent Cases are supplied with standard catches. The Excellent Case range has an eyelet to allow a tamper-evident seal if this is needed.

Some of our heavy-duty plastic cases, for example, the Peli Protector, are fitted with lever latches with the exception of the Peli Protector Laptop Cases. The Peli 1495 Laptop Case has a combination lock, while the Peli 1470 Laptop Case has Peli Key Lockable Latches.

The more heavy-duty plastic cases, such as the Peli Storm Cases, are fitted with press & pull latches. An exception to this is the iM2370 Peli Storm Laptop Case, which is fitted with press & pull latches – these are, however, key-lockable for additional security

In addition, NANUK Cases are fitted with a power claw latch, Custom Padded Bags can have velcro or zip closures, with the option of additional carry handles, shoulder straps, closure buckles or snap locks.

Flight Cases have either butterfly locks or toggle locks, and Aluzone Flight Cases have a franzen lock, which is available with or without a key-lockable feature or butterfly locks.

Keep Your Valuables Safe with PottertonPacs

Carefully analysing your individual situation and needs is key to choosing the equipment storage solution that works best for you.

Do you want to guarantee the safety of your products in transit? PottertonPacs have a rich history and expertise in providing protective cases and bags and much more for you and your equipment, dating back to the 19th century. 

We pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers as we provide expertly made presentation cases, padded soft bags and other heavy-duty transit equipment cases for protecting products and equipment, for a wide range of industries.

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