5 Stages To Designing Foam Inserts for Tool Kits

hard blue plastic case with custom cut foam for tool kit

If you work in the manufacturing or engineering industry, then you’ll know that your tool case is our best friend. Not only is it used as a handy way to store and transport tools when you’re commuting to jobs, but it can also be a way to represent your brand.

Sometimes, depending on the type of tools you have, it can be quite complicated to find the perfect tool case for your needs. Also, you may have quite expensive tools that you want to keep as safe as possible, especially if you have to commute for jobs and you’re worried about your tools getting damaged in transit.

Luckily, there’s options at PottertonPacs that you can take advantage of! If you’re looking to create a custom tool case with foam that can offer your tools more protection and help you to look more reliable and professional when you show up to work on a job, we can help.

We offer tool cases that can be customised with custom foam inserts to offer your important and valuable tools with the protection they need to be kept in proper working order. If you’re interested in the process of designing foam inserts for tool kits and would like to know more about the stages involved, keep on reading.

1. What do you Need the Tool Case For?

This is the first and most important step to designing your custom tool case with foam. You need to decide exactly what you need the tool case for, whether it is simply for storing and organising tools to keep them in one place or if it’s for transporting tools between jobs.

Depending on what you need the tool case for, such as the environment you will be working in, you may need different custom foam inserts and different types of tool cases for your needs.

2. Decide on tool case

Now you need to decide on the actual type of tool case you need. If you work in a more demanding environments, you’ll need something more durable. If you just work freelance as a maintenance worker, you may be able to go with something more lightweight. Here are the tool case options we can provide at PottertonPacs:

Plastic cases – These are a lightweight, plastic option that are still durable to effectively store, organise and transport your tools. Plastic cases are perfect if you want to add some branding options too, as they can be customised with branding logos and colours. All of our plastic cases can be supplied with the addition of foam inserts to better organise your tools.

Custom equipment bags – These made to measure bags offer a lightweight solution and are completely flexible in terms of size, shape and style. They are perfect for the less harsh environments when organisation and ease of transportation are the key factors to your requirement.  Choosing to house or transport your tools in a bag does not have to mean you sacrifice on protection as our custom equipment bags can be reinforced or fitted with custom cut foam inserts. Not to mention the option to add multi position carrying handles and also wheels to the exterior of the custom made bags.

Waterproof protective case – Peli Protector & Peli Storm Cases are heavy duty, waterproof, crushproof & dust proof, offering total protection in virtually any situation. For technicians and engineers who find themselves working in demanding environments, on the road a lot or travelling overseas for work, these cases are perfect.  The Peli Protector or Peli Storm Case ranges are both protective transit case solutions and provide optimum protection when travelling through tough domains to get to work.  So if you need to ensure your critical equipment & tools are kept safe in transit and protected during your working day, these waterproof cases may be the tool case for you.

Explorer cases – Built to stand the rigours of the most demanding industrial, military & commercial uses, explorer cases are waterproof, shock resistant, corrosion proof & designed to comply with military specs. If you are in any kind of military industry and you need something that will keep vital and expensive tools safe, you could benefit from choosing this tool case and further optimizing it with custom foam inserts.

Tool cases for engineers and technicians – Our tool cases for engineers and technicians are available on wheels and are high quality suitable for use by professionals and freelance workers. These tool cases have been built for industrial/commercial use and are available as an economy tool case.

3. What is the Foam Insert Needed For?

Once you’ve decided on the tool case, you need to then decide on the insert and what you need it for. Tool cases with foam inserts can either be used for the protection of tools and equipment, or for organisation and presentation purposes. Depending on the use of the tool case with foam insert, there are different options available to you.

4. Decide on the Type of Foam Insert

We offer a wide range of different types of foam inserts, each one offering different features and having varying advantages. The options available to you are:

  • custom die cut, cnc routed or water jet cut foam or plastazote
  • vacuum formed trays/inserts
  • product display boards
  • printed interior display panels
  • product mounting plates

5. Choose Colour of Insert

This is the fun and final stage of the process. You can actually decide on the colour you want your foam insert to be. This is great if you want to create a tool case that perfectly reflects your brand image. It’ll give you a competitive against local businesses in your industry and help to get your brand seen and remembered.

Our selection of corporate colours include black, blue, red, grey, green, yellow, navy and burgundy.

Get a Tool Case with Foam Today!

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how we can help you to create your ideal tool case with a custom foam insert. We will be able to talk you through the process, whilst helping you find the perfect case and customising options that suit you and your specific business needs.