Custom Fabricated Packaging For The Food & Beverage Industry

polystyrene ends caps for wine bottles

Transporting food and beverages can be a difficult task for professionals, but polystyrene or foam packaging can offer a versatile solution for most in the food and beverage industry. Getting goods from A to B can be difficult at the best of times and without the correct packaging solution, there are many things that can go wrong along the way.

Without tailored packaging, you can risk your food and drinks being damaged, creating more work and wasting resources. However, the good news is that this can easily be avoided. Investing in custom packaging will preserve your product as well as your resources and peace of mind. 

How Could the Food and Beverage Industry Benefit from Custom Packaging?

Yes, there is a whole array of food and beverages that are fragile, limited edition and difficult to transport. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or retailer or you just transport and store goods like this, a little investment will go a long way. It’s all too easy for fragile goods to be damaged when more often than not, you don’t have complete control of your products when they are being transported.

Intricate Desserts

Desserts often require a huge amount of craftsmanship and are finished with astounding details and small fine decorations. They can range from cakes to macarons and with these intricate items, it is so easy for them to be damaged and the icing and design smudged.

Custom polystyrene inserts and pads will ensure that each item is kept securely in place. The avoidance of occurrences of unwanted movement such as sliding, keeps each of the individual pieces in their rightful place, so you can rely on them travelling safely.

Limited Edition, Exclusive, Finest & Rarest Spirits

It goes without saying that glass is delicate and that if expensive spirits and bottles of wine turned up chipped or damaged, the cost of the loss would be quite substantial. When moving large amounts of expensive bottles or small amounts of rare or exclusive, investing in the correct packaging solution made from polystyrene or foam will ensure that any impact is absorbed by this material.

Because bottles come in very unique shapes, we are able to produce both universal or totally bespoke packaging inserts that are cut to each bottle shape, ensuring maximum safety whether in storage or being transported.  Providing protection from distribution through to sale.  Heat, dust, sunlight and other environmental factors won’t be able to damage your beverages. 

Other Industries That Could Benefit Too

Cosmetics and Beauty

The beauty industry has an astounding amount of cosmetics, varying in size, style and materials. From nail varnish to perfume and high-quality skincare products, there are plenty of intricate items that need storing correctly. 

Investing in polystyrene or foam packaging inserts means that when cosmetics are packaged they will not wear and they will remain intact. Because of the different chemicals in products each item contains, the temperature regulating effects of foam packaging means that the products will keep to a high standard and remain in great condition until they are sold.

 What Other Items Is Polystyrene and Foam Inserts Frequently Used for Packaging?

  • Home fragrance products such as reed diffusers and candles
  • Boxed gift gets
  • Corporate promotional give away sets
  • Automotive owners presentation gift boxes
  • Starter kits – example shaving kits
  • Personal audio visual equipment 
  • Subscription or membership boxes
  • Haircare kits and electrical products

Why Is Polystyrene Packaging So Advantageous?

Polystyrene that is hot-wire cut can have many advantages and is a cost-effective solution, making it a great investment for all sorts of businesses. Hot-wire cutting allows you to mass-produce packaging to your exact specifications and cutting simultaneous designs in this way saves both time and resources.

This speeds up the time in which you can produce your custom made packaging, making it more efficient in the long run by using tools that can produce multiple products in one single press, hugely effective at producing high volume bulk orders efficiently, while being extremely cost-effectively.

This particular kind of customised foam can prevent even the most delicate of items from moving around and breaking during transit and even offers insulative properties too. Because it is tailored to your requirements, it can be used for a variety of products spanning multiple industries.

What Polystyrene Can Be Used For

Hot-wire cut polystyrene can be fitted between intricate desserts to fill voids, used to stabilise glass spirit bottles or even used to display and present items for retail. They are especially effective at restricting the movement of delicate items that are prone to damage and not only does polystyrene offer protection, but it can also offer insulating properties as well.

This type of material can be used for many different purposes and many different products, from showcasing glass bottles on promotional sale stands or to safely transport items for businesses, such as box manufacturers. Whether you want to professionally present your products or protect the items while transporting and storing them, hot-wire cut polystyrene has many benefits to take advantage of.

How to Make Custom Foam Fabricated Packaging

When working with PottertonPacs, you will be immersed in the process of creating your custom foam fabricated packaging. This involves using our in house CAD technology to make custom cut CNS routings and polystyrene inserts for all sorts of products and requirements. This ensures that your goods, samples and equipment fits like a glove into their uniquely designed foam packages.

What Is the Foam Made Of?

Packaging made primarily from foam can actually be made from a variety of materials. Here are the sorts of materials we use at PottertonPacs and the various advantages they can offer:

Plastazote, Evazote

Chemical and temperature resistant, with particular resistance to oil, alcohol and grease, while being our lightest option.

Ethafoam, Stratocell, Polylam

The most economic foam option, which also has an anti-static option if needed.

Chemically Blown Block

Great thermal insulation and shock absorbent with resistance to fluids and harsh chemicals.

Polyurethane and Polyether

You can expect medium durability from this foam, which is ideal for packaging and presenting items.

If you want to know more about custom cut foam inserts and the many foam packaging options we have available, contact us, to find out more.