Storing High-Value Equipment Safely Across Transport & Maintenance

Train Station

The transport and maintenance industry is a fast-growing and fast-paced industry, with around 9% of UK workers using train travel to commute to their workplace. 

With this many people relying on the transport industry to get to and from work, as well as for social reasons, it’s important that repairs and maintenance must be carried out promptly in order to provide minimal fuss and disruption to travel timetables, particularly on the railway, buses, planes or public roads.

Within the transport and maintenance sector, it’s key to have equipment that is fully working in order to carry out essential repairs and maintenance. Of course, it also helps to have a protective case in order to safely store and carry high-value equipment.

Over the years, we have worked with many partners working in the railway industry by supplying railway maintenance engineers with protective cases to keep their equipment safe. In this guide, we explain the qualities that most transport and maintenance engineers will require for their equipment.

Tool Control

Tool control is a method used to check that all tools are accounted for after being used for servicing or maintenance, making it much easier and convenient when carrying out a tool inspection or inventory. It’s critical that tool control is used in order to keep tools and equipment all in one place and accounted for when inventory checks take place. This makes it easier for identifying if any equipment is missing.

Particularly with high-value equipment, it’s important to make sure that all tools are accounted for and nothing is left behind in between visits of maintenance, to prevent further disruption with future repairs and maintenance. Custom-cut foam can be added to equipment cases to provide tool control with slots made for every tool in your kit.

As a designer, manufacturer and supplier of protective presentation cases and foam packaging, PottertonPacs enlists tool control within our factory environment to remain environmentally friendly and efficient, specialising in custom made tool cases. Tool control can be added to any of our protective solutions and can be used to assist the transportation of any high-value equipment used in the industry.

Waterproof Protection

Protection against all weather conditions can sometimes be an important factor, especially if high-value equipment is on the move in order to carry out essential transport maintenance. If you carry electrical equipment for repairs, it’s crucial to make sure that this equipment is fully protected from water damage in a protective case providing waterproof protection.

For this reason, you may be looking at investing in a waterproof equipment case, such as the Peli or Peli Storm, to protect your electronics from splashes of rain or extreme flooding, which can pose a lot of problems for railway operations.

Shock Protection

High-value equipment must be treated with great care. Of course, when engineers or transport workers are on the move, this equipment is prone to suffering from the odd shock as it can be dropped or banged against a surface.

This equipment must be cushioned in a protective case so that when not in use and is being transported, the high-value equipment can be protected from day-to-day impact and can survive these shocks.

An equipment case that stores this high-value equipment must contain shock protection so that the equipment can be protected whilst it is stored away and transported.

Convenience On the Move

High-value equipment can sometimes be heavy, making it difficult to transport and not drop. While our padded bags are equipped with foam to ensure that they are shock resistant, it’s important that these bags are made easy to transport.

For this reason, bags can be fitted with soft-grip handles to reduce the strain of transporting this equipment. A telescopic pull-handle and wheels can also be featured on a bag in order to make movements as convenient as possible. This reduces the change of the bag being dropped and knocked on surfaces as it can be smoothly moved around.

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