7 Reasons Why Protective Bags Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

protective hardware sample transit bag with custom foam insert

PottertonPacs’ expert cases and foam engineering provides a whole host of essential tools and equipment to ensure that the Home Improvement industry continues to run smoothly. Our protective stitched padded bags are imperative for the safe and easy transportation of all your products. If you aren’t aware of all the benefits of protective bags already, then keep reading to discover the 7 key ways in which we guarantee they will make your life easier!

1. The Right Protection

Regardless of whether you need a padded window sample bag for product presentation, or a lightweight protective equipment bag for transporting your products or equipment; PottertonPacs sample carry bags can help you. If you’re complaining of products or equipment breaking due to thin, supposedly “lightweight” materials; you’ve got the wrong protective packaging. Are you equally going overkill and lugging round unnecessarily heavy equipment which is going to wear out yourself and/or your staff? Our choice of padded or non-padded new weave fabric means that you’ll have the right protection for the right product every time.

2. Custom Made Solutions

As well as our standard range of padded bags, we also offer custom made products which have no minimum order required, meaning you get a professional, personal touch to your protection. We have years of experience in producing customised products with personalised foam interior to hold samples and products. Our custom made bags hold all types of products and equipment; including kitchen and bedroom cabinet doors, blind samples, conservatory roof sections, medical instrumentation/equipment, sales reps demo kits and maintenance service and repair tool kits.

There is a whole host of custom made add-ons that can be included to fully customise your protective bag, some of which include: additional foam lining inserted (when a semi-rigid approach is required), high density closed cell foam, routed plastazote interiors, bespoke water jet cut foam interiors, lid organisers, pockets and all with a choice of zip or velcro fastenings.

3. Advertise Your Business

Whilst it is imperative that your equipment is protected in the most effective way possible – using long-lasting, quality equipment – it’s equally important from a marketing perspective that you and your staff look presentable whilst doing so. A well crafted, custom designed bag is the perfect way to give off the image of professionalism and quality to your customers – by advertising your business’ ethos whilst on the job. Our fully customisable products can be fully branded with your company logo or a clever sales message. You can have clear pockets stitched on three sides, with an opening to insert you own logo, the perfect solution to small quantity orders or lower budgets. For those looking for higher quality, we also offer digitally printed labels, silk screen printing and embroidery labels.

4. Jack Of All Trades (and master of ALL)

It isn’t just the home improvement industry we make bags for. Here at PottertonPacs we supply numerous industries with specialist bags, including the education, instrumentation, medical, rail network and even fashion industries. Therefore, it’s always worth bearing in mind that you can bank on us having experience providing protective bags to a whole wide range of different products. Also, due to our customisable service, we have the ability to adapt our products to suit an industry or product which you may not have previously presumed that we would supply for.

If you have a product which you need a bespoke solution for and you’d like to know more about how we could adapt, or work in a different industry to ones listed and you’d like to know how we could assist you – then have a browse today or get in contact for a quote to discover more about our innovative equipment protection solutions.

5. Presentation Is Key

Regardless of which image and style you and your business are trying to promote for your distributors, potential or existing customers, our custom padded bags ensure that you can stay presentable in work by offering a wide array of different colours and fabric options. This is essential for those businesses who want to maintain a consistent look by making sure that their sales representatives demo kits, equipment or product launch presentation packaging solution are all easily recognised and of the same ilk. Another major benefit of this consistency is that it minimises the chance of loss of equipment by easily identifying missing product contents or by adding your logo or branding ownership is quickly and easily identifiable.

6. Electronics & Fragile Items Stay Safe

We offer a wide variety of cases and bags which are suitable for transporting and protecting the likes of laptops, tablets, e readers, etc. This is the most effective way to safely transport your valuable electronic items. With products ranging from lightweight waterproof covers to indestructible, impact resistant cases – protecting you and your products from all angles.

7. Easily Transportable

It’s one thing being confident that your products or samples aren’t going to get damaged on the move, however, it’s a whole different issue that yourself or your employees may struggle to transport the products due to the bag itself being made from cheap, heavier material or with a poorly fitted, uncomfortable strap.

That’s exactly why we make each and every one of our protective bags with only the most durable, effective materials possible to ensure that your products feel as light as they possibly can do, whilst still offering maximum protection.

Ready To Order Your Protective Bag?

Think we can help you today? PottertonPacs was formed in 2012 from the successful merging of custom protective bag and case manufacturer Potterton Cases merging with polystyrene and foam conversion specialists PACS. We have a rich history and expertise in providing protective packaging solutions for you and your products or equipment – dating back to the 19th century.

Today we pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers and suppliers of expertly made protective presentation cases, padded soft bags and covers. We also specialise in the CNC routing, water jet and die cutting of bespoke foam pad inserts, shadow tool control and polystyrene for protective packaging or POS display.

Have a browse at our products, get in contact at 0116 276 7562 or drop us an email today with any queries or concerns you may have – one of our friendly team would love to hear from you.