Our Favourite Technician Tool Cases

aluminium tool case with custom foam insert of black/red routed foam

“The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade.” – Benjamin Franklin

As supported by the words of “The First American”, the technician’s tool case is a hugely important investment, as it is responsible for facilitating, transporting, and protecting instruments of any worker’s trade. The act of choosing this case should therefore be carried out in a considerate, thoughtful manner – using as much information about the options available as possible.

The selected tool cases have been designed manufactured for everyday use within a variety of different jobs – mostly the service, repair and installation industries. The well proven interiors and durability is what stands these tool cases apart as the favoured choice of professional service engineers all around the country.

The ABS Tool Case

These ABS tool cases are designed and manufactured in the home of the East Midlands at our Leicester premises. What makes this such a reliable and durable solution is that the ABS shell of the tool case is stitched to an aluminium triple frame for added strength.

The fittings on these tool cases, such as toggle locks, reinforced hinges and stays, are made to a premium quality. Giving you piece of mind that your tool case can withstand use within any industrial environment.

Transportation difficulties are also alleviated with this solution. Simply add a telescopic handle and wheels to avoid injuries or health & safety issues when moving heavy equipment and tools.

Our full range of ABS tool cases offer the following:

  • Looking for something larger in size? We offer options of 18″ & 20″
  • Want a premium interior? We offer standard or deluxe interior options
  • Keep things safe with our secure key lockable toggle locks
  • Working in an industrial environment? Opt for heavy duty hinges, feet & reinforcing metal corners
  • Looking to travel with comfort? Our cases are fitted with ergonomically designed carry handles
  • Transporting heavier items that you can’t carry? Why not add a telescopic handle and wheels
  • Stand out from the crowd with our sleek silver or black finish

The TX18 Economy Tool Case is our entry level ABS tool case  – featuring internally two tool boards and tool tray to the base section. This economical solution provides practical organisation of your tools and promotes working efficiency by ensuring you do not waste time looking for important tools on site.

What makes ABS plastic so reliable?

Moving into the world of Chemistry briefly, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic is defined as a “common thermoplastic polymer”. What makes this material stand out is that its “amorphous” nature – holding no clearly defined shape or form means it has no true melting point, whilst simultaneously having a glass transition temperature of approximately 105 °C.

“Thermoplastic” materials are defined by the way in which they respond to heat. The “glass transition refers to what temperature they become liquid – they can be heated to their melting point, cooled, and then reheated again without significant degradation – making them a perfect material for rough industrial environments.

Applying this science to the world of tool case then, ABS’ low melting point make it very simple to manufacture in the plastic moulding process – which ultimately feed into it being such an affordable, yet high quality option. Also, ABS plastics’ atomic make up means that it has a highly durable resistance to both corrosive chemicals and physical impact.

A Lightweight Heavy Duty Alternative

Peli Storm offer a more lightweight solution than the FG1 flight grade tool case but do not sacrifice on strength and durability. If you are a worker who requires the same high level of strength and durability from your tool case but still want to ensure the maximum mobility on the job, Peli Storm tool cases are the solution for you.   Our Peli Storm tool cases are supplied with the usual Peli Storm manufacturers guarantee against breakage or defects in workmanship giving you complete peace of mind you are purchasing a durable and reliable product.

At PottertonPacs, we convert iM2400, iM2500, iM2600 and iM2620 standard Peli Storm cases into tool cases.  Both the iM2500 & iM2620 tool cases are fitted with wheels as standard. Regardless of the specific product, all of these tool cases come fitted with secure press & pull latches, airtight valve & dustproof seal, easy grip carry handles for comfort and depending on the model selected an assortment of internal elasticated loops and vinyl pockets to keep your equipment secure.

A Personal Touch To Technician Cases

Going off the back of that last point, it is worth noting that there are a wide array of customisable elements to all of the technician tool cases available; meaning that you never need to compromise on your industrial needs.

Bespoke foam inserts that can be made to meet the specific needs, ensuring that your equipment stays secure throughout the day. For example, tool cases are commonly done with what we refer to as “shadow foam” or “dual colour foam”. This is not only vital for organisation and efficiency but can also prevent FOD (foreign object debris) in critical environments such as aviation, food prep and manufacturing.

Alongside this, there are various other personable elements that you can add to your technician tool case to make it fully personalised:

  • Want to represent your company identity on the go? Colour match the frame of the case to your company colours
  • Silk screen printing with your company logo or sales message – marketing on the job
  • Routed plastazote interiors (high density closed cell foam)
  • Bespoke tool boards, organising any size or shaped equipment
  • Unique colour shells to stand out from the crowd
  • Complete custom size and shaped case body

Feel ready to invest in your tools’ newest home? Then you’ve come to the right place.

PottertonPacs offers a rich history and expertise in providing protective tool case solutions and much more for you and your equipment – offering a wide range of affordable, durable and presentable solutions. We pride ourselves on being experts designers, manufacturers and suppliers of ABS tool case solutions, foam inserts and much, much more.

Have a browse at our products, get in contact at 0116 276 7562 or shoot us an email today with any queries or concerns you may have – one of our friendly team would love to hear from you.