Nuclear Energy Components Ltd

LD18 dual colour plastazote with a custom waterjet cut to hold their products

PottertonPacs Case Study: Nuclear Energy Components Ltd


Created by Isaac Middleton in 1931, Nuclear Energy Components (NE Components) Ltd continues the legacy of Newburgh engineering through consistent, high-quality services in the defence and nuclear sector.

Over the years, NE Components Ltd has served many markets with systems, assemblies and components in practically all nuclear sites in the UK and many more around the globe. With an ingrained nuclear safety culture coupled with amazing service levels, they’ve improved many supply chains and facilitated manufacturing needs for a plethora of businesses.

The Problem

NE Components Cases & Foam

NE Components Ltd contacted us, expressing interest in foam inserts that could be placed into their existing Euro Boxes as an organised storage and transit solution for their parts.

We were tasked with creating a case and foam insert for handling containers to offer protection and organisation to the contents to improve efficiency and productivity.

The Solution

The Final Product

With this in mind, our solution to their requirements was an LD18 dual colour plastazote with a custom waterjet cut to hold their products within the base of the existing Euroboxes they already owned. 

We included a foam pad with the NE Components logo to work as a retainer where the lid foam met the base foam to trap the products and allow little movement whilst offering maximum protection to heavier, sensitive objects. The lid pad we created was also branded with a dual colour company logo within the foam pad (produced by waterjet cutting) to make it easily recognizable and personalised to their brand.

Through our combined expert knowledge, design and craftsmanship, we were able to produce a bespoke case and insert that involved many of the standard features as well as additional bespoke add-ons to meet the needs of this project.