The Best Equipment Cases For Your Test and Measurement Equipment

The Best Equipment Cases For Your Test and Measurement Equipment

Test and measurement equipment is needed in almost every industry, whether that be electronics, industrial, healthcare, automotive, IT, or telecommunications. We recently discussed the importance of accurate test and measurement equipment, and how an appropriate solution is required to keep your test and measurement equipment safe and in full working order.


As a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of protective bags and cases, we work closely within the testing and measurement industry to supply custom-made solutions that safely protect, store and transport all types of test and measurement equipment.


In this article, we take a look at some of the best protective solutions to keep your test and measurement equipment safe and stored away.

Peli Cases

Most types of equipment must be completely free of water and moisture, meaning that a waterproof case is required. For environments where water is more likely to be found, such as in marine testing, it’s crucial that a heavy-duty watertight case is used to keep equipment dry.


Some industries, such as water authorities, environmental authorities, or marine testing, will use testing kits to analyse samples of water to check it is fit for standard and safe to use. These testing kits will usually test for traces of lead, bacteria, metals, nitrate, and much more.


For this instance, a Peli case is an appropriate protective solution as they are heavy-duty, waterproof, crushproof & dustproof, offering total protection in virtually any situation.


You can choose from the vast range of Peli cases, including standard Peli Protector Cases, Peli Air Cases, Peli Storm Cases, and accessories which includes, pick and pluck foam sets, panel frames, padded divider sets, trekpak divider sets, lid organisers and TSA combination lock, to name just a few. 

Medical Cases

Medical cases are used in a variety of different ways in critical medical environments, from first aid kids and medical teaching aids to storing ultrasound equipment and surgical tools. 


When it comes to medical testing and measurement equipment (in particular, ultrasound equipment, diagnostic or analytic equipment), it’s crucial that they are kept safe and secure at all times. Otherwise, there is a risk that testing cannot be carried out, which can prevent nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals from carrying out their jobs.


Medical cases can store any type of test and measurement equipment used by medical, pharmaceutical, optical, and even veterinary organisations.  


Working broadly within the medical, pharmaceutical, and optical industries for numerous years, we have gained vast experience, which has enabled us to develop various product solutions for doctors, nurses, healthcare, and emergency service professionals. 

Plastic Cases

Plastic cases make ideal equipment cases for the safe packaging, storage, or transit of your test and measurement equipment.


As an example, PAT testing is a legal requirement that ensures the safety of electrical appliances in any environment. Safety professionals that carry out PAT testing will use a variety of PAT testing equipment, including PAT testing kits, PAT testers, PAT labels, leads, and adapters.


As PAT testing equipment is costly and strongly relied upon for testing the safety of appliances, it’s vital that a protective plastic case is used in this instance.


A plastic case that can safely store your testing equipment, with the addition of custom-cut foam inserts and branding to your choice, provides a protective and organised transit solution while ensuring maximum brand exposure.

Bespoke Equipment Cases

If you’re looking for a simple solution to keeping your test and measurement equipment safe, then a bespoke equipment case is a great all-rounder option. 


As equipment cases are versatile, cost-effective, and lightweight, they are a great solution for most types of test and measurement equipment. Equipment cases are fantastic for protecting your equipment and keeping numerous pieces organised and intact.


Want an equipment case you can customise? A bespoke equipment case can be made to your exact specifications and requirements, whether that be the shape, size, colour, optional branding, or even the choice of having custom-cut foam to store your testing equipment into their own designated slot.

Safely Store Your Test and Measurement Equipment

If you are a professional who works within an industry that uses any of the above equipment, or you feel you may benefit from our equipment cases to house your test or measurement devices, we would love to help!


PottertonPacs are leading suppliers of custom-made protective bags and cases for use within the medical, mechanical, automotive, marine, emergency services, and many more industries.


Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss the various options of equipment cases that are available to you.