The Importance of Accurate Test and Measurement Equipment

Branded Equipment Case for Test and Measurement of Slip Hazard of Surfaces

The Test and Measurement (T&M) sector focuses on both the development and production of equipment designed to detect, measure and control a variety of factors in the manufacturing processes. 

Test and measurement equipment is needed in almost every industry, whether that be electronics, industrial, healthcare, automotive, IT or telecommunications. This equipment is needed to validate the performance of devices, testing that they are still fully functional and safe to use. It also helps to increase the performance, accuracy and efficiency of devices, while prolonging their shelf-life. 

As a designer, manufacturer and supplier of protective bags and cases, we work closely within the testing and measurement sector to supply them with a custom-made solution that safely protects and stores testing and measurement equipment. Below, we have listed just a few examples of equipment we have created custom bags and cases for.

PAT Testing Kits

PAT Testing is a legal requirement to ensure the electrical appliances in a domestic or commercial property are up to a safe working standard. Whilst most electrical safety faults can be spotted with a visual examination, PAT testing inspects electrical appliances more thoroughly and can detect many electrical faults which a visual examination cannot.

Electrical safety professionals will use a variety of PAT testing equipment, including PAT testing kits, PAT testers, PAT labels, leads and adapters.

As this equipment can be expensive and usually comes with several accessories, a popular choice for PAT testers is a plastic case that can safely store PAT testing equipment and keep it together.

Electrical/Electronic Test Equipment 

Electrical testing equipment, for example, multimeters or multi-testers, are vital measuring instruments used to measure multiple electrical properties, including resistance, voltage and current.

This type of testing equipment is frequently used by repair, installation and maintenance engineers, and must be kept clean, dry and protected at all times. Manufacturers will sell this type of testing equipment in a testing kit, supplied with a protective case.

Chemical & Water Analysis

Water authorities and environmental authorities use testing kits to analyse samples of water to check it is fit for standard and safe to use, which is likely to be testing for traces of lead, bacteria, metals and nitrates.

Marine testing is also an important role in the industry and ensures that water is safe, hygienic and of the highest possible quality. A ballast water testing kit makes compliance with the ballast water convention easy. A combined kit includes a digital incubator, UV lamp, bacteria tests (E-coli, enterococci, Vibrio cholerae), filter tests and a salinity refractometer.

The presence of harmful bacteria and viruses on a ship can have catastrophic effects. Ballast water testing kits enable those working within the marine environment to ensure their company remains compliant with current and future regulations to protect their crew members. 

As ballast water testing kits contain a large quantity of testing equipment, they must be stored in a heavy-duty plastic case to keep the kit together and in a dry environment.

Environmental Testing

Environmental testing relates to the testing of light, sound, humidity, moisture, radiation and temperature. This type of equipment is essential for ensuring safety and identifying environmental conditions. 

Slip alert specialist equipment is also commonly used, which allows for the identification of wet floors that may be a slip hazard. This equipment must be stored and carried to site in a protective equipment case.


Medical, Pharmaceutical and Optical

An equipment case is an essential piece of kit for anyone, but for professionals in the medical or pharmaceutical industry, this can be significantly more important. Working broadly within the medical, pharmaceutical and optical industries for numerous years we have gained vast experience which has enabled us to develop various product solutions for doctors, nurses, healthcare and emergency service professionals. 

Our medical cases can store any type of test and measurement equipment used by medical, pharmaceutical, optical and even veterinary organisations.  From ultrasound equipment, diagnostic or analytic equipment to test and monitor kits. 

As medical, pharmaceutical and optical testing equipment is critical within the industry, it’s crucial that this equipment is kept safe and secure at all times. Our wide variety of custom medical cases suit the requirements of any medical professional.

Alcohol Breathalysers

Alcohol breathalysers are crucial devices used to estimate blood alcohol content in the body. Portable breathalysers are used throughout the emergency services, mostly by the police force to tackle drunk drivers on the road. They can also be used for medical, educational, industrial, commercial and personal purposes.

As breathalysers must be kept clean to avoid contamination and safe to prevent the equipment becoming damaged, breathalysers must be stored away in a protective case. They must also be stored in a cool, dark place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Equipment Calibration

Of course, testing equipment must be tested every now and then to ensure it is working correctly and within specified capabilities.

Calibration equipment is used to minimise any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the complete accuracy of test equipment. This is crucial and enables all industries that use test and measurement equipment to provide accurate and reliable results using equipment such as calipers, gauges, counter, weighing instruments and meters that can measure factors such as tension, pressure, flow, hardness and even vibration.

Safely Store Your Test and Measurement Equipment

If you are a professional who works within an industry that uses any of the above equipment, or you feel you may benefit from our equipment cases, we would love to help!

PottertonPacs are leading suppliers of custom made protective bags and cases and this includes protective cases and bags for use within the medical, mechanical, automotive, marine, and emergency services industries.

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