eCommerce Gift Boxes: Manufactured With Care

As suppliers and manufacturers work hard to fulfil consumer demand for retail, stores are preparing for shifting the focus back to online sales in order to keep consumers happy.

With that being said, tens of thousands of retail stock becomes damaged during transportation before they even have a chance to reach supermarkets and stores. Using bubble wrap to cushion fragile goods isn’t always enough protection to ensure they are transported safely, which is why it’s important to use other methods to provide maximum protection against inevitable knocks, bangs, shocks or drops.

As a manufacturer of foam and plastazote inserts, we work with many large-name manufacturers to provide them with bespoke-cut foam and polystyrene packaging solutions to safely protect their products whilst in transportation to and from warehouses, supermarkets, showrooms and for delivery direct to the end-user customer. It doesn’t just stop there, we also specialise in creating bespoke foam inserts for product presentation cases or boxes, meaning your customers experience with your products is of the highest quality. 

Comfort and Protection

As some retail stock is made from fragile materials, such as glass, ceramic or porcelain, moving these goods from a manufacturer to warehouse and then warehouse to shops can increase the chances of becoming damaged while carried around and stored in the back of a van. 

The biggest benefit of custom foam inserts or simple foam lining is that fragile and expensive goods can be cushioned and protected with maximum support whilst being transported from one destination to another. 

Custom Cut to Suit Your Needs

To avoid fragile items moving around in transit and knocking against other objects, foam and polystyrene inserts can be custom cut and shaped to fit individual items.  This not only ensures a snug fit and reduces the risk of items moving around and creating impact damage but also ensures gift items remained well presented. 

If multiple of the same product is being transported at the same time, the custom foam can be used to make it easier for the products to fit better in transit and therefore allow for more space to fully load the van.


As some fragile goods are also being heavy in weight, the chances are very likely that these will be dropped and broken. With a wide variety of foam materials to protect your goods, some materials in particular, including plastazote and evazote, provide lightweight qualities so that carrying these fragile goods is much easier, in comparison to foam which is heavier in weight.

Lightweight protection means that fragile goods will be easier to carry and less likely to be dropped and damaged.