Emergency Services Bags & Equipment: Life Saving Examples

British Emergency Ambulance

The UK emergency services deal with billions of emergencies each and every year, and with emergency equipment imperative in the success of these emergency operations, it’s crucial that equipment is safe, protected and easily accessible at all times. 

With the police, emergency medical services, fire and rescue, and search and rescue operating in sometimes very unexpected conditions, emergency equipment must be stored safely and correctly to avoid damage from water, drops, knocks or even high impact. It could literally be the difference between life and death. With emergencies also meaning that equipment must be grabbed in a hurry, having multiple pieces of equipment stored in a carry bag means that entire kits are to be kept together preventing delays with locating misplaced equipment, the use of tool control foam ensures all equipment can be accounted for quickly and easily.

While our equipment cases are used throughout a wide range of industries, we have become a trusted supplier of equipment cases and custom-cut foam to the emergency and first responder services to protect, store and carry emergency equipment belonging to the police, emergency medical services, fire and rescue and search and rescue operators.


While firearms aren’t frequently used by the general police in the UK, armed response units who are equipped with firearms must attend countering crimes committed by armed criminals to tackle and safely bring an end to the crime being carried out.

With tasers and firearms critical in the success of these operations, this type of equipment must be stored both safely and securely providing protection from the unknown whether in use or simply in storage. We have continuously worked with emergency services and trade customers to provide them with weapon and taser storage solutions (using our custom cut foam) to safely store firearms and tasers. The foam can also be supplied in dual colour to make it easier to identify when a firearm is missing, leading to critical efficiency and helping to aid time.

As it isn’t practical to have guns on display, a case can be used to prevent others from seeing the contents inside, which is most ideal for undercover operations whereby the use of armed weapons must be top secret.

Having storage for your guns or weapons keeps them safe, secure, and most importantly, in the right hands. As stolen weapons can be sold in the ‘underground’ market for crimes and violence, having the weapons protected in the first place can reduce the risk of these becoming stolen. As well as this, storage can help firearms to be kept organised and stored in a reliable location, allowing for quicker access. 

Emergency Medical Services

For anyone working in the emergency response industry, having an emergency medical kit is critical in responding to major incidents and emergencies. With fast response kits typically containing gloves, scissors, bandages, plasters and wipes, it’s important that these items are stored in a medical equipment bag to keep them together.

Medical bags can also be used to store and protect blood pressure monitors to measure the blood pressure of patients during an emergency or for a general check-up. As blood pressure monitors are everyday pieces of equipment, it’s important they are kept safe and aren’t left lying around with no protection. 

A medical equipment bag is great for when blood pressure monitors are needing to be transported from one place to another, whilst keeping the monitor and the cuff together so that they are neatly tidied away. For paramedics on the go, medical cases can be used to store defibrillators for safe transportation and protection.

Other specialist equipment that can require a protective medical bag include suction kits, maternity kits, airway devices, syringes, cannula, braces (for neck and pelvic area), burns kit, oxygen masks and cylinders, blood glucose test kits and a portable ventilator for when temporary use when in emergency transport.

Fire and Rescue Services

Fire and rescue services have a duty to protect lives and property by extinguishing fires, dealing with road traffic accidents and rescuing people in other emergencies. With the nature of these operations, fire and rescue equipment can include specialist lifting equipment, specialist cutting equipment, hose reels, hose jets, ladders and ventilation fans, to name just a few.

Some fire and rescue equipment that will need to be stored away in a protective bag can include cutters, breathing apparatus, spreaders (for use in releasing people from trapped cars), defibrillators, tools, RTC kits, first aid kits and, most importantly, thermal imaging cameras to read temperatures and view hotspots in buildings before entering to see how a fire has spread.

Search and Rescue

Search and rescue teams assist in the search and rescue of vulnerable and missing people. As missing people are often found in remote or difficult to access areas, special equipment is needed to assist in the search, including thermal imaging cameras, harnesses, whistles, torches, compasses and searchlights.

Where some missing people may find themselves in conditions where they may become trapped, search and rescue operators may use lifting and cutting equipment to be able to free the missing person of any obstacles. 

Safely Store & Transport Your Medical Equipment

Whether your emergency service equipment is used every day or not as frequently, you should still have it safely stored away in an equipment bag which can also be used for transporting the equipment from one place to another.

We know the importance of providing reliable and protective custom bags to the emergency services sector and we can assure you that our products are made to extremely high standards to ensure you are getting a quality product solution.

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