5 Best Aluminium Use Cases

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5 Best Uses of Aluminium Cases

Aluminium is a lightweight, heat-resistant and fire-proof material that is used for many different purposes, which is why aluminium is commonly used in manufacturing, construction, military, aircraft and many other day-to-day products.

The construction methods of some of our aluminium carry cases make them hugely versatile and easy to manufacture in different shapes and sizes.  Ideal for creating a custom made solution, they are well-liked for use as premium samples presentation cases due to their sleek appearance and robust properties.

As a leading supplier of cases for protection, transportation and presentation purposes, we manufacture and provide aluminium cases to our clients which can be tailor-made to your exact required size and specification. We offer a broad variety of styles with the option to add telescopic handles and wheels, custom-cut foam inserts and even the option to add your brand name or logo. In this guide, we explain some of the most frequently requested uses of our aluminium equipment cases and how they can be best used to store, protect and carry your samples products or equipment.

High-End Packaging Solutions

Whether it’s for hi-tech aesthetic equipment or e-commerce payment devices, an aluminium case is a perfect solution for storing high-value professional equipment and any accompanying accessories when they are not in use. With selected models within the aluminium case range providing a lightweight material option and the capability to add a logo or totally customise the side panels with a digitally printed image. As one of our most requested products, aluminium cases can offer a protective and stylish solution to allow products to be easily carried around from one destination to another.

Flight Cases

A flight case must be protective, sturdy and able to withstand the many hours and miles of travelling you’ll be undertaking, whether it be for business or pleasure. A flight case can eliminate damage in transit and provide the ultimate protection against inevitable knocks and scrapes on the road and when travelling overseas.

Our flight cases can provide maximum ease when travelling with the choice of telescopic handle and wheels or castors to take all of the hard work out of transporting your products or equipment. As a flight case is extremely likely to be exposed to some fairly major impacts and knocks, it can be fitted with custom cut foam inserts which are bespoke cut to safely store your goods when travelling and protect them from vibrations and shock.

Product Presentation

If you’re presenting and pitching a product to potential distributors or clients, it’s important to understand that the way you present the product can either make or break your pitch. With the addition of custom-cut foam to organise and protect your sample products, aluminium cases provide the perfect solution to ensure members of your sales or marketing team arrive with existing or prospective new clients with the certainty all of your products will be well organised and in perfect condition.

Aluminium cases are also versatile and can be easily customised to create the ideal finish, such as silkscreen or digitally printed exterior and interior panels and chemical anodizing. The material can also be coated with paint or powder coatings to be tailored to suit company branding or corporate colours.

Tool Kit

Whether it be for engineers or electricians, an aluminium case can be used as an effective tool kit to provide extraordinary resistance to corrosion and weathering, meaning that tools can be protected from damage and rust.

Custom cut foam inserts can be fitted to ensure that all tools have their own slot within the case which can also assist with tool control. The option to have dividers fitted also means that tools can be easily separated.

Camera Case

Aluminium camera cases can protect a camera and its equipment from water damage or dramatic temperatures. With camera equipment often weighing several pounds, it’s important that a camera case is lightweight and is easy to carry around.

The great thing about using an aluminium case to carry camera equipment is that it can provide stylish, protection to keep expensive equipment safe and fully functional.

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