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PottertonPacs: Ansell

Leading the way forward in safety solutions for all

As a leader in the PPE industry, Ansell is an international company that manufactures protective equipment for many industries, such as chemical, agriculture, public safety manufacturing and healthcare. They are dedicated to researching, innovating, and investing in new ways to provide superior protection solutions to protect well-being. Some of their products include face masks and goggles, but they are perhaps most well-known for their durable, high-quality gloves that can protect against cuts, chemical burns and contamination. 

What did they need?

Sample bag for their kitchen door samples

Ansell required demo cases so their sales representatives could promote their gloves, enabling them to effectively showcase their product range and the unique safety features they offer for handling hazardous drugs for chemotherapy. With a detailed description of the design criteria, they came to us looking for a personalised solution. They needed a tailor-made foam insert inside their demo cases to present their products in an organised and aesthetically pleasing manner whilst keeping them protected during transit. The foam insert had to be able to fit a pair of gloves, scissors, tweezers, 10 x 20 mL extraction vials, 20 patches (in one pouch) and labels.  They also asked for us to include a net literature pouch in the case lid so their sales reps could easily organise important documents and leaflets. As well as needing a case for its practicality, they wanted it to enhance their branding and identity by including their logo and brand colours, with the foam insert being the specific shade of green associated with their company.

Our solution

The final product

The final product

We got to work designing the most efficient layout for their foam insert, mapping out the exact size of their sample demo kit. We took inspiration from a drawing supplied to us by Ansell, helping them to bring their vision to life. We transformed their sketch into a clear plan with precise measurements. Before we committed to our design, we sent over our drawing for approval to ensure they were happy to proceed with production.

The finished result of the product sample kit was exactly as envisioned; we used foam in the same colour as their company’s eye-catching green branding. Not only does it create a cohesive brand image, but it makes an excellent background to showcase their samples. With the requested net pocket fitted to the lid section, the case gives people easy access to product, user or safety data-related documentation.

These customisations converted a standard plastic case into the perfect demo kit for representatives to take to pitches within the healthcare, life science and laboratory sectors.

When it came to the exterior, we used a two-colour silkscreen print to expertly apply their branding to the clean white case, giving it a professional and polished appearance. It will give a positive, lasting impression on their prospective clients and serve as an effective means of promoting the company.