Promote your solar panel sales with custom rep bags

solar panels


Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as people recognise their potential to reduce emissions, save money and become more energy efficient. But, as with any product, success depends on effective marketing and promotion. Custom padded bags are an economical and effective tool for solar panel companies to promote their product. These bags are custom made and help create brand visibility in many locations. Read on to learn more about how custom made bags can help promote the sale of solar panels.

Importance of choosing the right protective bag for solar panels

A specially designed protective bag for solar panels is essential to keep them safe and secure. 

Solar panels are delicate devices that must be protected from physical damage, dust, and water. Damaged panels can be expensive to repair or replace, so taking the necessary steps to protect them is important. It also helps keep solar panels clean and dust free, especially for sales representatives who require the product to be optimal when demonstrating. 

A properly designed bag will not only keep the panels safe from the elements, but it will also provide additional cushioning for shocks and bumps. This is especially important for solar panels transported during sales pitches or stored onsite. 

Bespoke bag sizes for solar panels

From decades of years of experience gained from producing custom bags for all manner of uses and industries, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why almost all of our bags are created on a made-to-measure basis. We understand that solar panels come in various shapes and sizes and that it’s important to create a storage and transport bag that will suit your panel exactly.  With our custom service, you can ensure your panel will be securely stored and well-protected from any potential damage. We use high-quality materials and the best craftsmanship to create our protective bags and cases.

Customisation options for solar panel sample bags

At PottertonPacs, we offer various styles and options to customise your company product sample case. Whether you are demonstrating solar panels at a trade show or visiting customers on site with solar panel samples, with our custom solutions, you can keep your product safe, secure and visually engaging. Our customisation options include:

  • variety of padded or non-padded materials & colour options to suit your company’s colours
  • custom sizes & designs to match your products requirements exactly
  • velcro or zip closures, as well as a wide variety of other fittings available
  • various carrying handle options, plus the option to add telescopic handles & wheels to make transportation easier
  • custom-cut foam for additional protection for you solar panel sample
  • branding options including digitally printed labels,  embroidery and silk screen printing

Investing in a high-quality protective bag for your solar panels is an important way to safeguard your investment and ensure that your panels are always in optimal condition. For more information on how we can protect your solar panel, please contact our team.